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Explore the world in a small group

On a small group explorations tour, dive deeper. Get to know the pulse of a destination by talking with the people who live there. With an average of 16 travelers, get to know your fellow travelers, Tour Manager, and local guides. Access places you’ll never forget – like venues, accommodations, and destinations that larger groups can’t always reach. Stay in culturally reflective accommodations. Learn the family recipe from a local. Dip your toes outside the tour with built-in free time.

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Women’s Travel Companies Take Center Stage

There’s a growing demand for vacations designed exclusively for female travelers


Women of Leadership in Tourism

Shining the spotlight on five executives you should know

Why Irvine, California is a Favorite with International Travelers

A small, big city with a diverse diaspora that attracts travelers from far and near, Irvine,...
Erfurt Augustinerkloster Kreuzgang Toma Babovic Thuringia Tourist Board

Why Form a Travel Ministry?

Why would a person travel with a church group when there are so many companies that offer tours...
tn Austin Adventures Volunteer Project

Volunteer Vacations Let Families Have Fun While Giving Back

From rescuing sea turtles to helping sick children, family travelers can choose from a wide variety of volunteer programs around the world. How about rainforest preservation in Costa Rica or rebuilding communities in New Orleans?

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Venture to the Places Where Jesus Walked

Experience the feeling of being in places where Jesus walked, some of the most exciting religious...

Turkey Welcomes Guests with Open Arms

Long after the memories of famous tourist sights have faded away, it’s the Turkish people and their hospitality that visitors remember most vividly

Dominican Republic

Traveling for A Cause

When it comes to responsible travel, not all tour companies are created equal. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind before booking a trip.

Travel the World with Collette

A family-owned business with more than 100 years in the travel industry, Collette brings its passion and experience to every trip it creates

Dawsons Creek films at UNC Wilmington

Touring the Southern Towns Filming Sites

From Louisiana to Virginia, tours spotlight Southern towns that have served as filming sites for popular movies and TV series.

Bahai Santiago Chile benjamin gremler mbkJtjmo unsplash

10 Baha’i Temples You Should Not Miss

The faith Baha’i was founded by Bahá’u’lláh, or the “Glory of God.” The religion originates from...
Christ Church Cathedral Dublin

10 Great Religious Attractions in Ireland

Ireland is full of religious attractions that shed light on both the religious heritage of its...
El Barrio

10 Hotspots for a Glamorous Girls Weekend in Birmingham

Ditch the husbands and boyfriends and take a much needed girls weekend exploring the vibrant city...
religious group

10 Reasons Why Your Church Needs to Start a Group Travel Program

If you’re like most churches, you’re looking for ways to reenergize your congregation and spread...
Girlfriend Getaway Niagara Falls

10 Spots for the Ultimate Girls Weekend

Whether you’re looking to organize a lively bachelorette party with your BFFs or take time to relax and recharge with your favorite women, this list will inspire your girl gang to finally take that much-needed vacation together – because girls just wanna have fun.

Columbus Museum of Art

10 Top Activities for a Girlfriends Getaway in Columbus

Come to Columbus and see why the city is emerging as a fashion and art hub. With all the options for exploring, girlfriend groups are sure to have a good time.

Shrine of the Little Flower

10 Top Catholic Shrines in New England

Religious Travel Planning Guide brings you the 10 Top Catholic Shrines in New England for...
national shrine

10 Top Catholic Shrines in the U.S.

These Catholic shrines in the USA offer pilgrims and casual visitors alike inspiration, comfort and peace. Most provide guided tours and Masses as well.

Notre Dome Basilica

10 Top Religious Sites in Canada

Here are 10 suggested sites for religious travelers to visit while in Canada. Canada is home to...

10 Top Religious Sites in Europe

Every year millions of people travel to see the Vatican. But Rome is not the end-all for religious tourism. Dozens of religiously significant cities and sacred shrines dot the vast and ancient landscape of Europe.

NYC Empire State Building

Architectural Wonders Around the World

Group travel is infinitely more exciting than going it alone, especially when it comes to sightseeing and exploring the world’s architectural wonders.

Best Bass Fishing Spots in the U.S.

It’s time to refresh that tackle box and get out to one of these top bass fishing spots before the others beat you to the catch.

Ag-Innovation Advances in Iowa

Tour groups can see how agricultural research facilities at Iowa State University in Ames and attractions in Des Moines showcase the latest technology.


The Future of Student Travel is Looking Bright

Mike Schields, the new president of Brightspark, lays out his goals for the educational tour company and discusses the outlook for the student travel industry in general.

Frozen Ever After

6 of the Best Theme Park Experiences in Florida

Central Florida is home to some of the best theme parks in the world and there is always something new to discover.

Outside the Comfort Zone: 6 Women’s Retreat Destinations

Your group will find peace, relaxation and simple pleasures at welcoming hideaways from Washington to Texas.

Danube Cruise

Sampling Europe’s ‘Far East’

A touch of exoticism flavors a week-long Danube River cruise through Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania

German cheese platter

8 Meal Planning Tips for Religious Tours

Follow this time-tested advice to prevent rumbling and grumbling within your group. How you handle...

Mini-Tours May Fill The Bill

Have you tried offering mini-tours? That is, short, single-destination trips right here in the U.S., perhaps long weekends or four-day, three-night offerings?

Much of the movie Pearl Harbor was filmed at the USS Lexington Museum on the Bay in Corpus Christi.

Filmed in Texas: From Home Makeovers to Battleships

When touring Texas, there’s a good chance that what you’re seeing was likely the site of a film,...