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Jordan S. - Travel Coordinator

As a long-time travel enthusiast, I find Leisure Group Travel Magazine an invaluable resource. Its in-depth articles and stunning photography have inspired countless adventures for my travel club. We particularly enjoy the off-the-beaten-path destinations and practical group travel tips!”

Emily J. - Resident Activity Director

I’m fairly new to organizing group travels, and Leisure Group Travel has been a game-changer for me. The magazine’s diverse destination coverage and expert advice have helped me plan memorable trips for my senior travel group, making our journeys both comfortable and exciting!”

Alex T. - CEO

Running a travel business isn’t easy, but Leisure Group Travel has made a significant impact. The insights on industry trends and destination highlights are incredibly useful for keeping our offerings fresh and appealing. Our clients have enjoyed some fantastic trips thanks to the ideas and tips I’ve gathered from the magazine.

What’s Inside

Exclusive Destination Guides: Uncover hidden gems and popular hotspots around the globe. Our detailed guides provide insights into culture, cuisine, and attractions, making your travel planning effortless and enjoyable.

Expert Travel Tips: From packing essentials to navigating group dynamics, our expert tips ensure your travels are smooth and stress-free. We cover everything from budget-friendly options to luxury experiences, catering to all travel styles.

Inspiring Travel Stories: Get motivated by captivating stories from fellow group travelers. Learn from their experiences and discover new ideas for your next group adventure.

Latest Trends in Group Travel: Stay ahead of the curve with updates on the latest trends and innovations in group travel. Whether it’s new destinations on the rise or cutting-edge travel technologies, we’ve got you covered.

Interviews with Industry Experts: Gain valuable insights from travel industry professionals. Learn about the best practices, new offerings, and what’s on the horizon in group travel.

Special Features: Each issue includes special features like themed travel ideas, seasonal destinations, and highlights on unique travel experiences tailored for groups.

User-friendly Itineraries: Our magazine provides practical, ready-to-use itineraries to simplify your travel planning. These itineraries are crafted by travel experts, ensuring a well-rounded and enjoyable trip for your group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is the subscription really free?
A1: Yes, subscribing to Leisure Group Travel is completely free. There are no hidden fees or charges. Our goal is to share our passion for group travel with as many people as possible.

Q2: What kind of content can I expect in the magazine?
A2: Our magazine covers a wide range of topics related to group travel, including destination guides, travel tips, interviews with industry experts, inspirational travel stories, and much more. We aim to provide valuable information for both novice and experienced group travelers.

Q3: How often is the magazine published?
A3: Leisure Group Travel Magazine is published bi-monthly. As a subscriber, you’ll receive new issues directly to your email, ensuring you don’t miss out on any exciting content.

Q4: Can I access previous issues of the magazine?
A4: Yes, subscribers have access to our archive of previous issues. You’ll be able to explore past articles and features at your leisure.

Q5: Will my personal information be safe?
A5: Absolutely. We take your privacy seriously and ensure that your personal information is securely stored and protected. We comply with all data protection laws and will never share your information without your consent.

Q6: How can I unsubscribe if I no longer wish to receive the magazine?
A6: Unsubscribing is easy and hassle-free. Simply reach out to us and let us know you no longer wish to receive the magazine. The newsletter also comes with its own separate unsubscribe link.

Q7: Can I share the resources with my friends or travel group?
A7: Yes, we encourage sharing! Feel free to forward our magazine or newsletter to anyone who might find it interesting. Alternatively, you can direct them to our website to subscribe for their own copy.

Q8: Do you accept suggestions or feedback?
A8: We always welcome suggestions and feedback from our readers. Your input helps us improve and cater to your interests better. Please feel free to contact us at with your ideas or comments.

Q9: Are there opportunities for advertising in the platform?
A9: Yes, we offer various advertising options. Please contact our advertising team for more details and to discuss how we can help promote your business or service to our engaged group travel audience.