Religious Travel Planning Guide

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Welcome to the new home of Religious Travel Planning Guide!

Religious Travel Planning Guide has long been an integral part of the February issue of Leisure Group Travel magazine in print. It was only natural to move the digital home of our religious travel guide to as well.  Below you will find the latest edition, features from past editions, our most popular digital content and an option to download some of our previous editions.

While 2020 was a difficult year for many and travel was in short supply, 2021 appears to be a year where the religious travel market will return to its pre-pandemic levels. Prior to the pandemic, religious tourism was one of the fastest-growing travel markets and it appears to be headed back in that direction.

Whether you’re organizing a mission trip, monastery tour or a spiritual retreat, this issue of Religious Travel Planning Guide will be a trusted resource. Full of ideas that will help you chart your course, the guide is a valuable research tool for anyone forming tour groups from churches, synagogues and other religious organizations.

In this guide, we highlight mission trips where you can help your fellow man, look at luxury hotels that are excellent spots to hold spiritual retreats and we visit monasteries that open their doors to all.

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