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If you’re searching for your next business or life opportunity and love travel, order your copy of Traveling Tribes today. You’ll learn from the thousands of people who have come before you; individuals who have carved out a successful niche lifestyle for themselves leading group trips.

In Traveling Tribes you’ll discover booking methods, pricing strategies, marketing techniques and pick up skills that will help you in effectively creating group travel experiences and make money doing it.

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About The Book

We’ve all missed our friends and family and are eager to make up for lost time as life gets back to normal. Life’s best memories are created through shared travel experiences with people who enjoy spending time together; but how do you best plan and organize a group get-together?

Traveling Tribes, a new book from group travel expert Jeff Gayduk, helps people realize their dreams of traveling more and reconnecting with those they care about on small group travel experiences. If you’re looking for a post-pandemic pivot, a new side hustle, retirement gig or want to breathe new life into a cause you care deeply about, Traveling Tribes is a Must Read.

Part inspiration, part tactical business planning, Traveling Tribes guides readers on a journey, exploring this new opportunity of leading your own tribe of travelers on expeditions around town or around the globe – and getting paid for it.

Group travel is one of the few hidden secrets of the travel industry. Those who understand how to plan and lead group trips reap a rich lifestyle, often only reserved for the elite. This book, written from over 30 years of practical insider knowledge, shows how to access group discounts, travel with your tribe for free and negotiate the complex web of travel industry dos and don’ts.

No fluff, no false hope, no oversold promises, these are proven business tactics that work!

What’s inside


Forming Your Tribe


How Group Tours Have Changed


How You'll Make Money


Your Marketing Plan


Negotiating Great Deals


Much More

Chapter 3 Preview – What is a Travel Tribe Leader

Nobody proclaims to fellow first graders that they’re going to enter the promising career field of group travel. In fact, taking this a step further, I’d venture to say that the majority of the public doesn’t know what a Travel Tribe leader is or does. That’s okay, we’re here to change that!

If you’ve not traveled much in pre-formed groups, you may be wondering what is a Travel Tribe leader? In short, he or she is the inspirational and organizational leader of a flock of travelers. Often these groups travel with a common purpose – be it fun & games, spiritual, educational or enriching. In trusting a tribe leader, travelers don’t have to futz with the myriad of details that often suck the joy out of the travel experience.

Travel Tribe leaders orchestrate trips for their community or affinity group. They’re the ringleader who decides where the group is going to go and puts the pieces in place to make it happen.

What Are the Responsibilities?

Perhaps the most important responsibility is to cultivate travelers; without them this doesn’t go anywhere. You might not have 50 names in your back pocket waiting to travel with you tomorrow, but that’s okay. Tribes can start with as few as six people.

Some Travel Tribe leaders take responsibility for every aspect of sales, marketing, operations and financial accounting of their group trips. They recruit new travelers, take reservations, make deposits, secure bookings and travel with the group.

Other Travel Tribe leaders choose to work with professional tour operators who handle many of the logistical details of trip operations, while the Travel Tribe leader focuses their attention on recruiting travelers.

Characteristics of a Good Travel Tribe Leader

Here are four predominant personality traits that I’ve seen in successful Travel Tribe leaders.

1) Entrepreneurial – Must be willing to get up out of bed and make something out of nothing. To be able to see the forest through the trees. To be willing to pick up the phone when no one else will, to send that email at 6:02 a.m. or 6:02 p.m.

2) Salesperson – We’re not talking the used-car variety, but your success in this field is tantamount to convince people to spend time with you. You need to sell folks on your idea, your brand, your trip and why it’s better/unique/different. You need the fortitude to be able to stand up in front of an entire group – some of them friends, others strangers, when something goes wrong and assure them that things will get better.

3) Adventurous – You’re not the type of person who goes to the same cabin at the lake, the same week of every August for the last 30 years, satisfied kicking your feet up. Your best vacation is your next one and you check cities, states and countries off your bucket list like a gunslinger at the OK Corral.

4) Organized – What a hassle travel can be! From picking the perfect hotel at the best rate to juggling airline schedules, ground transportation delays and plotting out travel days so you’re experiencing a destination but not falling over from exhaustion.

Now, multiply that by 10-20-40 and you get the sense of what is needed to lead a successful travel tribe.



Jeff Gayduk has done the hospitality industry a great favor by sharing his decades-long experience with touring the world. Group travel is as popular as ever, and Jeff has consistently led the way in assisting travel planners with the information and guidance they crave, to be the best they can. Jeff is a great listener, hard worker, very determined and loyal to his peers. He has a passion for what he is doing to assist in making the world better for tourism. The joy of this book for many will be a road map to becoming a travel planner and what is entailed. Jeff pulls no punches and is totally realistic in discussing the rewards that await you.

John & Mary Stachnik – Co-owners, Mayflower Tours, 1979-2018

About the author

jeff gayduk

Jeff Gayduk, a 30-year travel industry veteran, has published Leisure Group Travel magazine for the last two decades. He previously owned tour companies, worked in the cruise business and for an association of travel agencies. Nobody understands the group travel market like Jeff, and his insider knowledge and deep connections across the travel industry will help you discover this rich opportunity.