One must-see location in O’ahu, Hawaii is Kualoa Ranch, a 4,000-acre ranch that serves both recreational and agricultural purposes. Located on the northeastern side of the O’ahu, only 45 minutes outside of Honolulu, the ranch makes a perfect getaway from the city.

Purchased by the Judd family in 1850 from King Kamehameha III, Kualoa Ranch is still a family-owned enterprise. The 4,000 acres are now worth over $1 billion. The family’s mission is to preserve and protect the area’s natural beauty and culture while developing recreational and agricultural enterprises.

The ranch’s terrain varies from lush rainforest to sweeping valleys and from white sand beaches to densely forested cliffs. The highest peak of the Kualoa ridge measures 1,900 feet, offering beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. The ranch offers an assortment of activities such as Hummer, bus, and all-terrain vehicle tours, boat excursions, hiking and horseback riding. Tours provide many opportunities to see the grazing cattle. Visitors can even purchase various cuts of beef raised at the ranch. Family-friendly petting zoos and horseback riding lessons are also available.

Jurassic Park Set Prop

Jurassic Park Set Prop

The historical significance of Kualoa Ranch is another attraction. Guided tours explain about Kualoa’s role as a military base during World War II. Auxiliary airstrips, gun battery stations and bunkers can still be found throughout the ranch.

Despite its attractions and activities, Kualoa Ranch is mostly known for the movies that were filmed in its lush valleys. Its location has been the site of over 15 movies including “Jurassic Park,” “Wind Talkers,” “Tears of the Sun,” “Godzilla,” “George of the Jungle,” “Mighty Joe Young,” “Pearl Harbor,” “50 First Dates,” “Snakes on a Plane,” “You Me and Dupree,” “Karate Kid II,” “Along Came Polly,” “Battleship,” “Journey 2,” and many more. Kualoa Ranch also has been home to many TV shows, most notably “Lost,” “Hawaii Five-O” and “Fantasy Island.” Guided movie tours take you through the valley to show you scenes from these films. Set props are still dispersed throughout the valley, providing fun sightseeing and photo opportunities.

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