10 Reasons to Walk the Portuguese Camino Coastal Route

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A unique options for active tour groups visiting Portugal, the Portuguese Camino Coastal Route is unforgettable way to travel to Santiago de Compostela

If you and your group are considering making the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, there is a relatively new route you may want to explore. The Portuguese Camino Coastal Route takes you through national parks and provides outstanding views. There are plenty of reasons to walk the Portuguese Camino Coastal Route, and here we provide ten of them. If you’d like to know more about the Camino Portuguese Coastal route, click here for more information.

It’s an Official Jacobean Route

It may be fairly new but the Portuguese Camino Coastal Route has become an official route of the pilgrimage. This means that your effort will be recognized, and you’ll be able to take in everything the Portuguese coast has to offer.

Signposted and Managed

Since it has become an official Camino route, you’ll find it signposted and like the other inland Portuguese route and the French Way, your path is administrated and managed. Making your pilgrimage that much nicer. The Spanish Historical Heritage Law has officially recognized it.

Yes! Your Pilgrim Passport will be Stamped

If you’re wondering whether you can collect your Pilgrim Passport stamps, let us put your mind at ease. Now it’s official and you will be able to find places where you can add your stamps and commemorate your journey. Getting a stamp makes you feel good as you get a sense of achievement with each stamp collected.

More Pilgrims Equals More New Friends

The Portuguese Camino Coastal Route has seen a considerable increase in numbers. Although the French Way is still the most popular, the Camino Portuguese route that follows the coast has seen numbers jump from 900 pilgrims in 2017 to over 12,000 in 2019 and even more in the years to follow.

A Cultural Treat

The towns and villages you pass through on the Portuguese Camino route bring the countries alive. You’ll see real people going about their lives as the beautiful countryside rolls past.

The Ever-Changing Views

The views offered by the Portuguese Camino Coastal Route are superb. From views of the Atlantic Ocean to sandy beaches to villages and towns, this is an enigmatic and beautiful way to make your pilgrimage.

Finding Inner Peace

One aspect of the Portuguese Way that can be hard to find on the French Way is solitude. Arguably, we only find ourselves when we spend moments alone and this you can do when following the coastal Camino route.

Visit Porto

Porto is a fantastic city, and by embarking on the coastal route, you begin your pilgrimage from here. This gives you time to explore the city and get to know it.

Savor Pontesampaio and the Roman bridge of the Verdugo River

Pontesampaio is a small village with the legendary Bridge of Pontesampaio or the Roman Bridge of the Verdugo River. The legend states that in 977 it was crossed by Almanzor. It is also the site of the famous Battle of Puente Sanpayo where French Troops were driven from Galicia.

Barosa River Natural Park

The Barosa River Natural Park is a beautiful part of your journey. Its cascading stream, mills and natural beauty will bring you wonderous joy. This is just one of the many amazing things you will see when you undertake the Portuguese Camino Coastal Route.

If you are planning a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, consider the coastal route. It has easy terrain and offers something new and wonderous with every mile.

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