Leisure Group Travel Magazine

October 2023 - Women in Travel Issue

Turn the pages of Leisure Group Travel Magazine and discover a world of possibilities for your next group adventure. Because every journey is better when shared.

Leisure Group Travel Magazine

October 2023 - Women in Travel Issue

Turn the pages of Leisure Group Travel Magazine and discover a world of possibilities for your next group adventure. Because every journey is better when shared.

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In this Issue

This month’s edition of Leisure Group Travel, the Women in Travel issue, celebrates the influential role of women in the travel industry.

With the women’s travel market containing approximately 67 million participants, contributing to an annual industry worth exceeding $20 trillion, women are the driving force behind the travel industry. This issue reflects that as we shine a spotlight on five influential women who are proving why they are vanguards of group travel.

The girlfriend getaway market is also seeing considerable growth, generating around $200 million annually. Understanding this, LGT delves into the rise of female travel and discovers that now, more than ever, women are joining together and hitting the roads less traveled.

LGT also pays a visit to South Dakota and uncovers some of the top female getaways in the Mount Rushmore State. From bike tours to ziplines, South Dakota is an incredible state for women to explore. We even venture to the East Coast where LGT discovers the spookiest haunts in New York before lightening the mood (literally) by witnessing the most radiant Christmas lights in the Big Apple.

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Features & Columns

Discover captivating destinations and immersive experiences tailored for group tour operators in our Features & Columns sections.

women in travel

Influential Women Prove Why They're Vanguards of Group Travel

Five mavens of group tourism discuss how they blossomed into stellar, influential women in travel.

women in travel

The Rise of Female Travel

Now more than ever, women are joining together and hitting the roads less traveled.

women in south dakota

Girl Getaways in South Dakota

Tour companies ease the way for women travelers.

ezgif.com-resize (1)

Discover the Night Skies of Arkansas

The parks of Arkansas have something to offer to every stargazer.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (39)

New York Shines Bright with Christmas Light

The city that never sleeps comes alive with dazzling light shows when the holidays arrive.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (29)

Explore New York's Best Haunts

From ghost hunts and guided tous to haunted inns and spooky dining, New York is a great place to shiver.

ezgif.com-resize (6)

Maryland's Shrines to Black History and Culture

Museums and other attractions tell the story of African American trials and triumphs.

Scenic Opal with Castle 23649149306_23a285d9eb_o

Afloat on the Rhine and Moselle

A dream river voyage on the Scenic Opal spotlights cozy towns in the heart of Europe.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (48)

What Are the Benefits of Group Travel?

Explore the underrated benefits of group travel: bonding, safety, diverse perspectives and motivation travelers experience.

Itineraries & Showcases

Explore meticulously crafted itineraries and spotlighted showcases, designed to inspire and guide group tour operators towards unforgettable journeys.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (43)

Great Gal Pal Atlantic City Getaways

Groups can experience so much to do at this famous seaside destination.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (37)

Sip Wine and Shop in Indiana

Harrison County in Southern Indiana offers visitors rural charm and antique treasures.

Beaufort, South Carolina sunset

Enjoy a Magnificent Odyssey in Beaufort, SC

Immerse your group in rich history, from war tales and Gullah heritage to carriage rides and coastal expeditions, while indulging in local cuisine and unique experiences.

Colonial Williamsburg

History is Alive in Williamsburg

Explore iconic historic sites where the ideas of revolution began, meet historic tradespeople at working their shops, visit world-class art museums and more on over 300 acres of living history.

Colored Musicians Club-Credit Onion Studio

The Many Bounties of Buffalo

From a recently reopened art museum to a complex featuring one of the most important projects from Frank Lloyd Wright, Buffalo gives that other New York city a run for its money.

The beauty of Niagara Falls is unmatched.

Niagara Falls USA Will Wow You

 The sheer power and beauty of the falls are awe-inspiring, making it a must-see destinationfor travelers. It offers a unique and unforgettable experience for group members.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (49)

See the Magic of the Christmas Spectacular

See the iconic Radio City Rockettes live this holiday season.

Central New York is home to great attractions

Utica, Rome, Verona & Sylvan Beach

Oneida County is an easy drive to the Baseball Hall of Fame, a half day to the Thousand Islands and midway between New York City and Toronto.

BorckvilleTunnel-credit George Fischer Photography

Savor the Famous 1000 Islands

From pirates and bootleggers to the 19th century’s fashionable elite, the 1000 Islands have seen more than their fair share of visitors.

Glen Echo Park

Maryland's Cultural Captial

The county boasts stunning parks and recreational areas, such as C&O Canal National Historical Park and Brookside Garden, which are great for hiking and picnicking.

North Beach

72 Hours in Calvert County

Its mix of natural beauty, quaint independent shops and restaurants, and charm make it a must-visit destination.

Special Sections

Dive into our Special Sections, where bespoke guides and tailored travel publications offer in-depth insights for group tour operators seeking the extraordinary.


Missouri Group Tour Guide

No matter where your interests lie, history, outdoor recreation or delicious food, you’re sure to find it in the Show-Me State.

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Why the Women in Travel Issue Matters

In our ongoing commitment to deliver a rich diversity of perspectives and insights, Leisure Group Travel Magazine is proud to present our special “Women in Travel” issue. We believe that the world of travel and tourism is enriched by the contributions of women at all levels—tour operators, executives, planners, travel journalists, and explorers—and it’s high time we shed light on these often underrepresented voices.

The aim of this issue is twofold. First, we want to highlight destinations, activities, and accommodations that are not only female-friendly but are also driven or significantly influenced by women. Whether it’s a sustainable resort managed by a dynamic female entrepreneur or a travel itinerary curated specifically for women, this issue seeks to offer unique angles and options for group tour planners.

Second, we hope to inspire and empower our readers through exclusive interviews with pioneering women in the travel industry. These leaders share their journeys, challenges, and advice, serving as role models for both women and men who aspire to make their mark in travel and tourism.

The “Women in Travel” issue is not just another edition; it’s a statement that gender diversity is vital for the industry’s growth, creativity, and resilience. We hope that it serves as a catalyst for change and inclusion, encouraging tour planners and industry stakeholders to engage with and support the incredible women shaping the world of travel.