If you’re like most churches, you’re looking for ways to reenergize your congregation and spread the word of the Lord. An organized travel program can help you achieve your mission and spread fellowship and the Lord’s word throughout your community. Here’s how:

  1. Fellowship builds sense of community. Outside of the Sunday service your travelers gather together for interrupted time away from home and the struggles of life, and unite to share common memories with each other.
  2. Fundraising. In your quest to drive new revenue within the church, look to travel as a creative way to fundraise. Whether you’re creating your own tours or booking through a tour operator, a portion of trip proceeds can be earmarked to fund ongoing expenses or launch a new project or creative initiative.
  3. Supports your mission. Outreach programs can be embedded into any travel activity. Examples: Serving dinner in a soup kitchen, visiting elderly or orphans, domestic and international service missions. While these not need not be the sole focus of your trip, they can add spiritual elements that support your mission.
  4. Engage outside community. Many churches are looking for ways to bring more people closer to religion and become more active in the church. Travel is the No. 1 item on wish lists of consumers today. Wonderfully planned programs marketed throughout your community (outside the church bulletin) will draw the attention of people who’ve maybe strayed away from the church or are not as active as they should be.
  5. Provides the pastor a chance to recharge. Let’s face it, running a church is time-consuming, difficult work. And while your church leader is up for the task, who wouldn’t benefit from a break and a chance to play tourist for a few days? Yes, this IS a business trip and since travel suppliers offer a complimentary reservation for your group, the pastor travels at no charge.
  6. Reach out to other churches. How fun would it be to have a potluck supper in the community you’re traveling to with a similar church of your faith? A chance to mix and mingle with like-minded citizens, share stories and exchange pictures. It could be the inspiration for an annual church reunion where they come to your town next year. Talk about community buzz!
  7. Family-friendly. Traveling as a family is a huge hassle! Your church can arrange a family trip to a local theme park, waterpark resort, or outdoor adventure. It’s designed for families to let them share bonding time together without having to make all the arrangements. Have the youth or family minister lead the group to bring members of the community closer together. Dad will appreciate not having to drive six hours, mom will appreciate that she’s not in charge of every activity throughout the weekend.
  8. It’s new! Let’s face it, we all get into a rut, doing the same thing day after day, week after week, year after year. A travel program may be just the ticket if you’re looking to infuse new life and a new spirit into your church activities.
  9. Outreach with other local churches. Let’s say your congregation isn’t that large and you’re wondering if you have enough passengers to make a trip a go (usually 30 to 40). A great alternative is to cooperate with another area church, typically of the same faith, and co-market the trip to both of your congregations. Once this is successful, you now have a baseline of cooperation and perhaps this sparks other projects that you can work on together.
  10. Inspiration. There are so many lovely, wonderful religious attractions and icons across United States and throughout the world that are begging to be seen. Once your travelers experience these with their fellow travelers they can’t help but be inspired. It’s a fact that travel programs will draw your congregation closer to the church and your mission.