The Growth of Private Family Travel Group Tours

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In response to the booming demand for private family travel, top tour operators are innovating and adapting their private family travel options

Family travel continues to be a market niche worthy of focus. In a travel world once turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic, the family travel market segment is recognized as one of the bright spots that continues to lead the way forward. A September 2020 Skift-McKinsey research report noted that “in the medium to long run, the family-vacation segment will likely continue to be the engine propelling demand for leisure travel.”

Today’s families are excited about traveling together, and want to do so in a group with their own family members, multiple families, or even a like-minded crew of trusted friends. As a result, tour operators are seeing strong demand for private family travel and have significantly ramped up their options for private group tours.

Leading family-friendly tour operators including Austin Adventures, Adventures by Disney, G Adventures, Intrepid Travel and Trafalgar are offering memorable private group tours for families. The exclusivity of these tours provides a hassle-free ways to explore the globe solely with loved ones and friends.

Austin Adventures

The popularity of private group tours is nothing new for Montana-based Austin Adventures. “Growth in private travel has been the #1 growth sector for us for a decade,” said Dan Austin, CEO and founder of Austin Adventures. “As a direct result of COVID, we saw private travel explode in the third quarter of 2020 and it’s not slowing down.”

Austin Adventures group tours

Austin Adventures offers a wide array of private family group tour options including exclusive private departures, custom tailored tours, and unique “Homestay” private retreats in a number of locations. Photo Credit: Austin Adventures

Austin Adventures offers a wide range of private travel options for families and multigenerational groups. Vacationers can take over one of the company’s scheduled departures as an exclusive private tour, or Austin Adventures can custom build a trip tailored to the group’s ideal destination, itinerary and type of lodging. Approximately 80% of the company’s bookings for private and custom family travel are currently from families and multigenerational groups and about 20% are multiple families traveling together.

Exclusive private tours for family groups of 8-10 or more can typically be offered with no upcharge, but Austin Adventures can also accommodate smaller groups with adjustments in pricing. “Right now we are seeing unprecedented requests for domestic adventures, with the Rockies and Alaska being the top two destinations,” Austin said. The company also introduced an innovative custom “Homestay” program in a number of locations, offering families private retreats at elite homes with planned itineraries, private guides, and special personalized activities customized to their group’s ages and interests.

Adventures By Disney

Adventures by Disney is known for offering families highly immersive group vacation experiences in more than 35 destinations on all seven continents. The company introduced new Private Adventures in 2021. These special private Adventures by Disney vacations are ideal for families, friends and multigenerational groups seeking unique experiences, family-friendly accommodations, insider access, and hassle-free travel with plenty of flexibility.

Adventures by Disney group tours family travel

On the Adventures by Disney Private Adventure to Egypt, guests will be transported to the storied land of pharaohs and pyramids. Photo Credit: Adventures by Disney, Kent Phillips/photographer

Adventures by Disney’s Private Adventures can accommodate up to 12 guests and are being offered in Costa Rica, Egypt, Greece, Italy and Peru. There are no minimum age requirements for most of these private vacations, making them particularly appealing to families with young children who want to travel the world together. These private trips offer a number of advantages for families including increased flexibility in travel dates and daily schedules, as well as more time with local Private Adventure Guide(s) who bring destinations to life through engaging storytelling, authentic experiences and opportunities for family fun. Groups of more than 12 family and friends can also arrange private tour departures to Adventures by Disney’s many destinations around the globe.

G Adventures

In recent years, G Adventures has expanded its product offerings by launching a new collection of more than 80 “Book Your Bubble” private tours. On a private tour, families can choose both how they want to travel and who they travel with, to ensure they’re surrounded by friends and family for added confidence and peace of mind. The company has seen a big increase in demand for private family travel, particularly for these new tours.

G Adventures group tours

Families can choose from a variety of G Adventures private group travel opportunities, including the new collection of more than 80 “Book Your Bubble” private tours. Photo Credit: G Adventures

G Adventures’ Book Your Bubble trips make private tours more flexible and affordable for families. Groups of 8 travelers have the eighth guest’s fare discounted by 50% and those booking with 12 receive the 12th spot for free. In addition, G Adventures’ flexible ‘cancel and rebook’ options provide families with additional confidence when booking. All G Adventures private tours are led by a local chief experience officer (CEO) who provides added local knowledge, insights and safety recommendations.

Families have additional opportunities for private group travel with G Adventures, including taking over an existing off-the-rack itinerary departure or creating their own uniquely customized trip. Destinations in South America and Central America, such as Costa Rica and Peru, are currently most popular with U.S. travelers. “We know how important and enriching traveling with your family can be, so we’ve responded by creating ways to make that happen in a safe and comfortable way,” Perlo said.

Intrepid Travel

Global tour operator Intrepid Travel has also experienced unprecedented demand for its family tours. From August to November of 2020, 25% of Intrepid’s top 25 itinerary bookings were family-themed tours compared to just 12% during the same period in 2019. Intrepid Travel’s family tour of Vietnam is the most popular trip with global travelers, while North American families are also interested in adventures in Middle East destinations such as Jordan and Egypt.

Intrepid Travel

In response to exceptional demand for family travel, Intrepid Travel has created four new Family Retreats in Morocco, Turkey and England. Photo Credit: Intrepid Travel.

In light of the record-setting demand for family tours, Intrepid Travel created four new Retreat-style family tours with a focus on safety, quality, sustainability and savoring the ‘slow travel’ approach to vacations. Based in Morocco, Turkey and England, these Family Retreats allow families to immerse themselves in one location in select accommodations and enjoy activities and experiences in nearby communities. “Each Family Retreat itinerary has been designed to benefit local communities, while also providing enriching activities for children and parents,” said Matt Berna, Intrepid Travel’s managing director of North America.

Intrepid Travel’s family-themed itineraries are also available as Tailor-Made private group tours, which are experiencing strong demand. “In the past year, our Tailor-Made product across the board has become more popular, as exploring within your own ‘bubble’ is increasingly interesting to groups of travelers,” said Berna. Alaska was also recently added as a new Family Adventure destination as well, offering both summer and winter itineraries.


Family-friendly Trafalgar has responded to the changing travel environment by adapting its product offerings to meet the exceptional interest in private family group travel. “In our ever-changing world, the desire to stick with an inner circle is more prevalent than ever,” said Trafalgar USA President Melissa DaSilva. “We launched private trips last year to meet the strong demand to travel with only family and friends, while allowing our guests to still tap into the same destination expertise, local knowledge and hassle-free itineraries that they’ve come to know and love.”

Trafalgar family travel

Trafalgar’s private group tours offer opportunities for learning and experiencing different cultures with family and friends. Photo Credit: Trafalgar

Groups of 12 or more can reserve their own private Trafalgar exclusive departure and Trafalgar’s Travel Protection program makes bookings worry-free for families. Trafalgar’s private tours include expert guides, accommodations, ground transportation, many meals and “Be My Guest” experiences with locals. All private tours are accompanied by a dedicated On-Road team including a Travel Director and Driver.

Popular Trafalgar private family travel tours include the history-filled ‘Wild West Cowboys & Buffalos” itinerary in the western U.S. and Costa Rica’s ‘Monkeys, Jungles & Volcanoes’ trip, providing opportunities for adventurous thrills and authentic local interactions. “Travel is one of life’s greatest teachers, and our family itineraries are a great way to learn new skills, discover history in a new light and experience different cultures in a personal way,” DaSilva said. Trafalgar’s Travel Protection plans also help give families peace of mind when booking group trips.

Nancy Schretter has been a leader in family and multigenerational travel for more than 20 years, covering these topics for her own publications as well as for leading magazines, newspapers, television and radio programs, and online travel sites. She is also a consultant and frequent speaker at travel industry conferences and events.

Header photo credit: Austin Adventures

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