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On a small group explorations tour, dive deeper. Get to know the pulse of a destination by talking with the people who live there. With an average of 16 travelers, get to know your fellow travelers, Tour Manager, and local guides. Access places you’ll never forget – like venues, accommodations, and destinations that larger groups can’t always reach. Stay in culturally reflective accommodations. Learn the family recipe from a local. Dip your toes outside the tour with built-in free time.

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For group travel planners orchestrating trips for travelers with a single purpose or passion, this archive is your resource for meaningful journeys. From themed excursions to trips centered around shared interests, our curated selection highlights travel experiences tailored for groups united by a common bond.

Top 10 Travel Trends for 2022

Top 10 Travel Trends for 2022

G Adventures looks at the top travel trends of 2022 that are shaped by the changing habits and preferences of today’s traveler.