In the world full of never-ending hustle and various stresses of daily life, burnouts can happen more commonly than expected. As a result, an increasing number of travelers every year opt for health and wellness related holidays as opposed to the traditional beach or city getaways. These types of holidays aim to help you recharge your batteries, improve your physical and mental health as well as leave you feeling ready to tackle your life again. If you think such an experience could benefit you, here are some top holiday ideas you could consider.

Walking holidays

Walking holidays are rapidly growing in popularity as travelers are increasingly recognizing the benefits of spending their leisure actively. They are super easy to plan, with lots well-established routes to choose from, such as the Camino de Santiago route network in Spain and neighboring countries. You may also contact any Camino de Santiago Travel Agency that will take care of such things as itinerary, accommodation, transportation, etc., so all you have to do is show up and walk for 5-7 days straight.

During a walking holiday, you spend all of your time being active, taking in nature and the breathtaking scenery, with no time for the digital world or any other worries back home. The activity is so simple, yet the impact on your wellbeing and the sense of accomplishment is huge.

Wellness retreats

For those who are intrigued to try a more spiritual holiday, wellness retreats are a great option. These are essentially hotel resorts located in the most peaceful and tranquil places across the world. Their sole purpose is to make sure that you feel relaxed and stress-free during your time there. Most wellness resorts will offer activity packages for you to try, such as mindfulness and meditation, daily yoga classes, full-body spa activities and so on.

This type of approach of a health and wellness holiday is much slower-paced and all about reconnecting with your spiritual self. Besides cleansing your mind, you will be looking after your body with healthy foods and detoxing.

Sports holidays

A completely opposite holiday idea to wellness retreats is sports holidays. These are typically focused on one type of sports activity that will be taking up the majority of your leisure time, although you can mix them up too. For instance, many people choose to go on water sports holidays, where they will spend their days in the sea, kayaking, snorkeling, diving or surfing. The others will spend a week playing tennis, golfing or mountain biking.

Whatever your chosen sport activity is, these types of holidays are incredibly beneficial for your physical and mental health. Surrounding yourself with one activity only allows your mind to rest from the daily worries and focus on becoming more skilled here instead. The regular exercise boosts your energy levels and keeps you feeling fresh and happy.

Wildlife holidays

Sometimes all that is needed to recharge mentally is to be reminded just how big the world is and how insignificant we all are in our powerful mother nature. Wildlife holidays are not only fascinating but also incredibly humbling. You get to spot wild animals and see how they live in their natural habitat, with survival and catering for their offspring as their only goal.

The life among them, even with the many difficulties, is so much simpler and happier – which is something we can all learn from. Spending your holiday surrounded by breathtaking nature and amazing wildlife will be the most interesting and rewarding experience of your lifetime.