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Western United States

The Western region of the United States is blessed with pristine weather and impressive landscapes. It’s also a perfect place for groups to explore. From its many state and national parks (don’t miss the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park) to its historic cities filled with a variety of attractions (A trip to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco will keep your group entertained for weeks), there’s no place like the West.

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Southern United States

The Southern area of the country is a fabulous place to explore. From its delectable food (you haven’t lived until you’ve tried the multiple versions of North Carolina barbecue) to its picturesque locales (Jones Street in Savannah is often called the Most Beautiful Street in America), the South has something for everyone. With fabulous weather and innumerable bodies of water where you can swim, paddle, boat, tube and water ski, the South is beckoning you to visit.

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Midwestern United States

The Midwest is a lovely region in the country that sports both flat terrain and rolling hills from state to state. It is also home to a fabulous array of alluring cities and towns that will keep your group entertained. Home to exciting big cities like Chicago and beautiful states brimming with natural wonders like Michigan, the Midwest will have your group clamoring for more. And don’t forget, the country’s biggest mall, the Mall of America in Minnesota, features more than 5.6 million square feet of shopping fun.

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Northeastern United States

The Northeast region of the United States is the most populated of our country’s regions. Featuring rugged natural beauty and bustling cities like New York City, Boston and Philadelphia, the Northeast’s fast-pace will keep you feeling energized. Whether you’re a fan of museums, gourmet restaurants, incredible architecture and amazing shopping, the Northeast will appeal to all members of your group.

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