Culinary Issue

Featuring a crock of mouthwatering seafood gumbo on the cover, the February 2018 issue is all about good eats. From restaurants and food festivals to distilleries and breweries, it’s a smorgasbord of culinary delights in all parts of the U.S. and even Costa Rica.

New Orleans is an obvious choice to represent the South Region. In an overview of the Big Easy’s food culture, associate editor Jason Paha takes a look at the diversity of cuisines, touching on Cajun/Creole specialties, French and Spanish influences, and hearty, flavorful soul food. In “Mealtime Serenades,” managing editor Randy Mink surveys New Orleans’ most entertaining eateries, places where groups get the bonus of music with their meal; examples include the bountiful Jazz Brunch at The Court of Two Sisters and Mulate’s, the “king of Cajun dine-and-dance halls.” If your group is in town during one of the “5 New Orleans Food Festivals” described by associate publisher Dave Bodle, all the better.

Ohio is another hotbed of culinary adventures, and one of the best ways to sample the flavors is an urban food tour. Staff writer Miles Dobis spotlights tasting tours in Cincinnati, Cleveland Columbus. In “Ohio’s Old Country Cuisine,” he explores neighborhoods like Cleveland’s Little Italy and Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine. Randy Mink’s “Food for Thought and a Bite to Eat” features Ohio museums that pair admission with a special meal package.