When you’re planning a group trip to a destination that’s a little chilly, plan accordingly and have your group members pack with purpose so they’re not left in the cold.

More and more groups are planning cold-weather vacations to destinations like Yellowstone. The joys and beauty of winter weather are not lost on some travelers. When you’re planning a trip to a cold-weather destination for your group, make sure the experience is pleasant by preparing properly. Plan and pack with the climate, and your agenda, in mind. Nothing ruins a trip more than cold feet—literally. Check out this easy guide on how to plan for a cold-weather vacation.

Plan and communicate all group activities prior to departure

Plan out all the activities your group will do as a collective. Make sure to get a headcount for everyone who will participate in each activity or excursion so you can purchase tickets in advance. Sometimes—especially when traveling in large groups—booking experiences is more difficult due to lack of availability last minute. Once you’ve booked all the group’s pre-planned activities, communicate those to the group. Everyone should have a detailed schedule of where the must be when and what they will be doing. This way, they can better plan to pack accordingly and find time to schedule individual or smaller group activities in the downtime between large group functions.

Provide a suggested packing list

When you’re preparing to head off on your cold-climate journey, you’ll want to pack with your schedule and the weather in mind. Do some research on how to layer clothing for cold weather and pack multiple layers for each day. For example, if you plan to go skiing or mountain hiking one day, pack warm and comfortable clothing to go underneath your outer gear. When you’re done, your outfit can have a cardigan or scarf added to turn it from sporty wear to a casual luncheon outfit.

Provide other group members with a suggested packing list to help them pack with more information and intention. This way, nobody will forget the essentials they may not be thinking about, such as a hat, gloves, and snow boots.

Coordinate transportation

Tell everyone where to be and when so you’re not standing out in the cold waiting for someone. You also may need to plan out extra  time for transportation to and from activities due to weather concerns. Some cold vacation spots are a bit desolate when it comes to the comforts of luxury motorcoach transportation and ride-sharing services.