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Handling Customer Objections

Step one in handling any objection is to ensure that you are not surprised, and therefore, perhaps defensive. Work with your marketing department or find a veteran rep that can help determine the top five objections you may be facing. Research! Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask what might be undesirable about the proposed solution.

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Idaho’s Oregon Trail

Travelers may want to make a stop and stay in the area to experience the area’s natural hot water springs, providing a relaxing getaway along the Oregon Trail. The springs, which were used by Indian tribes for centuries, remain between 102 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit year-round

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Coasting Through North and South Carolina

I began at the southeast corner of North Carolina, at an area that brands itself as the Cape Fear Coast, because it sits at the confluence of the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean. The beach communities of Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach and Kure Beach lie on islands separated from the mainland by a sound

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