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Stuck with the Same Old Trips?

While perhaps we need at least one “tried-and-true” trip on our annual calendar, I think folks look to us for new opportunities…..opportunities to spice up one’s social life, challenge our intellect, or satisfy some hidden yearning.

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February 2013 Leisure Group Travel

Our cover story, “6 Great Florida Beach Towns,” offers quick takes of tourist highlights in sand-fringed hotspots on both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Making the list: Daytona Beach, Sanibel Island, Panama City Beach, Sarasota, St. Augustine and Cocoa Beach.

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New Ways to Develop Cruise Groups

When the modern day cruise industry firmly took hold in the 1980s, cruise lines wanted to make cruising more affordable, began targeting the middle class and wiped out the “class system” onboard.

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