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We’re helping groups get back on the road again with an innovative NEW program: Virtual Site InSpections from Leisure Group Travel.

In the absence of in-person fam trips, conferences and personal site inspections, we’re recreating the experience by reconnecting group planners and suppliers across our video, digital and print channels.

The Friday FAMs have been an important part of our multi-media Virtual Site InSpection program. Along with the online and print Site InSpection, the Friday FAM has been a great way for destinations to share their story with group travel planners.

Register now for these upcoming Friday FAMs.

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An Unforgettable Journey: Exploring Arizona

One can hardly speak about Arizona’s enchanting wonders without giving a nod to the grandeur of Canyon de Chelly National Monument. This awe-inspiring landscape is no ordinary landmark; it is the vibrant tapestry of centuries-old cultures woven into a deep canyon.

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Girl Getaways in South Dakota

From mountain ranges and roaring rivers to watchable wildlife and iconic Mount Rushmore, South Dakota offers much to see and do. A trip there is sure to unleash your inner adventurer.

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Discover the Night Skies of Arkansas

Fear not, though, for the stars, constellations and all sundry astral formations are still there. Locating them is simply a matter of finding a place away from the lights of towns and cities where you can get a decent view. Luckily, there are just about as many such sites scattered about the country. But few can compare with the sights visible in Arkansas.

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