Follow these 5 rules of the road for celebration vacations to stay on track

Vacations away with friends: there’s no better time to reconnect and make new memories to reminisce about. Your excuse for getting away may just be for the sake of reunion, or it might be for a special occasion. Whatever the reason, you should always make your group trips away special. Having a celebration vacation trip to talk about for years to come will give you the motivation to get cracking with organizing the next one, and the one after that.

1) Agree on activities beforehand

If there’s anything that can split a group of friends, it’s agreeing on what constitutes as fun. Therefore, agreeing on what you all want to do first can help reduce the potential for any conflict. Pre-booking activities also saves you time and effort while you’re out there. All you need to do once you arrive is stick to your schedule. This means you can concentrate on catching up, instead of organizing your days out.

2) Consider a vacation rental

There are many who say that accommodation is just a place to rest your head in between your days out. This is a great piece of logic if you’re not expecting any downtime together. Sometimes it’s just as fun to spend the odd night in chatting and hanging out in a comfy living room suite. If you rent a large home you can guarantee that you’ll return back to comfort. It means that no one will have to fight over who gets the bigger bedroom, either.

3) Come to agreements on budget

Money can be a sensitive issue, and the last disagreement you want while on vacation is how much to spend on your days and nights out. Agreeing on daily budgets before you leave will keep everyone on-side before you head off. It also means that no one will be surprised by how much they will be spending on the trip.

4) Meal planning made easy

If you and your friends don’t usually get to meet up that frequently, then why not plan some special meals out together? Of course, it helps to do the research before you travel, so you can avoid wasting time while you’re there, but agreeing on one bigger night out could give you something to look forward to. It also gives you a sense of when most people would prefer to eat, and what their expectations on pricing are.

5) Have some alone time

Let’s be realistic: you’ve missed your friends, you love seeing them, but there will be the odd time when you just want to be alone. This is completely normal, and it’s healthy to spend some quality time by yourself. Setting an hour aside to go for a solitary walk or to have a nap could provide you with a small sanity break, so you can rejoin your friends and be full of life.

A vacation away with friends should be a cherished occasion. Like any group travel arrangement, it can sometimes also be a cause for conflict. The best way to avoid this is to plan well in advance, come to agreements before you set off and reserve some alone time while you’re there.