Traveling in a group is a lot of fun but can be challenging at times. To help make your trip a success, follow these international group travel tips.

Sharing foreign experiences and exploring new cultures together will result in incredible memories. However, whether you’re traveling with your friends, family, or community members, international group travel can pose some unique challenges. When you’re dealing with various personalities and travel styles, it can be difficult to communicate with one another. Further, conflict may arise due to the increased stress that traveling in an unfamiliar environment often brings. If you’re considering group travel, consider these international group travel tips to help make your trip a success.

Determine a budget before you leave

Traveling can be expensive. While some people would prefer to stay at nice hotels and eat out for every meal, others would rather stay at inexpensive hostels and pack lunches to keep costs down. Your price range will have a big impact on the type of trip you have. As such, if the group doesn’t agree on a budget beforehand, someone is bound to become disappointed. Determine your budget ahead of time and stick to avoid conflict on the road.

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Pre-plan activities

Traveling in a larger group may make it harder to be more spontaneous, as booking a last-minute tour for a lot of people is unrealistic. Booking tours and excursions early, however, make you eligible for group discounts. As such, planning is essential to avoid missing out on incredible experiences.

Don’t be afraid to split up

While traveling in a large group can be fun, there may be times when you want to split up. And that’s okay! Your entire group doesn’t need to be together 24/7. The odds of everyone wanting to do the same things for the entire trip is pretty unlikely. If half of the group wants to go on a hike while the other would rather go to a museum, they should split up and do what they want. You don’t want to go home with regrets—you may only have one chance to go to that destination, so make the most of it.

Stay organized

Traveling in a large group can get hectic at times since there are a lot of people and belongings to keep track of. Losing important documents or possessions can cause a lot of stress and quickly put a damper on a trip. As such, it’s important to put in extra effort to stay organized. For example, keep essential belongings, such as your passport, safe in a designated safe zippered pocket.