If I had just one word to describe the travel industry we live and work in today, it would be Global. The interconnectivity with society, the economic benefits that accrue to local communities, and the speed upon which we can transition from our couch to the corners of our planet ingrain the footprint of the travel industry in more humans than any other industry.

Chances are in the last few years your business has recognized this global shift. This could be an uptick in the number of trips you’re planning to international destinations. or the types of destinations you’re fielding questions about. Bellwether tourist favorites like Italy, Ireland, Australia and France are now sharing self space with the likes of Romania, Panama, Botswana and Thailand.

On the Flipside, the easing of visa restrictions and aggressive overseas marketing by Brand USA has led to a steady increase in interest for travel to the U/S from foreigners. These travelers typically stay longer and spend more than domestic tourists. Good news if you have local tours, step-on guides and unique itineraries; you’re now talking to a Global audience.

More people are traveling today than at any time in the history of our planet. This is important to note, as it represents more than a fad or short-term trend, but a growing movement in modern day society. Technology has not distanced us from each other, but brought us closer to the far-reaching corners of Earth. Now that people have a taste for it, they want more.

Are you preparing for the globalization of your travel business?

A good place to start is World Travel Mart in London. This November 7-9. 50,000 global travel professionals representing over 180 countries will meet, network, negotiate and conduct business under one roof at what’s billed the world’s largest travel trade show.

Whether you’re looking to create new business opportunities with international destinations or inbound tour operators, develop new quality contacts or build communities with like-minded professionals, you’ll find an abundance of opportunities this November. And with exchange rates at a 31-year low, it’s more affordable to visit London. Learn more about World Travel Mart on pages 60-61 of This edition.

Hope to you there!

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