Whether travelers arrive to the Danish capital by airplane, by car, by train, or by Western Europe cruises, the type of transportation chosen to get around the city is nearly always the same: bicycle. It may come as a surprise to some as Amsterdam is often considered to be Europe’s primary cycling destination, but Copenhagen actually holds the top spot on the cycling leaderboard, boasting a whopping 36 percent of bicycle commuters amongst the population and becoming known locally as ‘The City Of Cyclists’.

Photo Courtesy of visitcopenhagen.com

Photo Courtesy of visitcopenhagen.com

The city of Copenhagen is committed to making cycling both a pleasurable and, most importantly, a safe experience for both natives and visitors, and there are now over 200 miles of designated cycle path that allow cyclists to travel to work, to school, or to many of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. The ease, the affordability, and the enjoyment provided by cycling all combine to make a Copenhagen sightseeing bicycle tour an excellent choice for groups. It’s an activity that can be taken together, while the sights taken in along the way will appeal to personal interests. Many travelers prefer this method over costly cabs, and it’s a good way to stretch your legs and really get to explore the city, whether you’re visiting for a few days or just stopping over for a day excursion while on a European cruise.

For groups that aren’t too familiar with Copenhagen, a guided tour could prove to be the best option. There are a variety of itineraries that take in the absolute best the city has to offer, ranging from tours that explore the narrow, cobbled streets of the city’s historic medieval district to a night tour stopping at the local night-life hotspots. Other interesting options include a tour of Copenhagen’s most beautiful open spaces and parks or a look at the local ‘hippie’ district.

Although Copenhagen was the first city in Europe to introduce the token-based public bicycle rental system, the focus has now been turned to making the city as bicycle-accessible and as safe as possible. It’s a very prominent move forward towards the city’s goal to encourage 50 percent of residents to cycle, whether for commuting or leisure purposes. Visitors will find many roadways transformed into pedestrian or cycle-only pathways, and bicycle rental is widely available throughout Copenhagen through a number of rental agencies.

For groups unfamiliar with the city but who are keen to take a self-guided tour with a personalized itinerary, take a look at Bike The City. The bicycles here come equipped with audio-visual GPS technology, which not only allows groups to plan a fantastic cycling route, but also means that if some of the group want to take an unplanned detour to see one of the city’s many sights, it’s quick and easy to find the way back to rest of the group on the original planned route.

Baisikeli Bike Rental is a charity set up to help get medical aid to people in the poorest parts of the world, with a particular focus on Africa. By renting bicycles to tourists on a daily basis and to students and city workers on a monthly basis, the small charity is able to pay for around 1200 used bicycles to be sent to Africa, where they are transformed into bicycle ambulances. With poor road conditions even in the biggest of cities and no roads at all in rural areas, it is often difficult to get necessary medical care to those in need in a timely manner. Bicycles can navigate these poor conditions and have the potential to save many lives. When booking bicycle rental for groups, be sure to consider this excellent cause.