Convenient, Cozy and Stylish Items for Frequent Travelers

Those who are not strangers to the road or friendly skies understand the challenges that frequent travel presents. You’ve likely changed clothes in a bathroom stall, shaved with a pocket mirror, applied mascara while sprinting through the airport and carried a toothbrush and extra stick of deodorant in your bag.

When you travel a lot, it’s hard to maintain the same level of consideration for your appearance and the same quality of living that you’re accustomed to at home. So if you rack up frequent flyer miles on the regular and spend more time in car rental offices than at a desk, here are a few tips and tools to help you look and feel your best while on the go.

Appropriate Travel Attire

The key to appropriate clothing while traveling is finding the balance between comfort and style, particularly if you’re planning on rushing from the arrival deck to a lunch or business meeting. If you don’t have the luxury of checking in to your hotel before heading to your next destination, there are a few choice items available for appropriate travel attire. For instance, did you know there is such a thing as dressy sweatpants? These brilliant babies are available for men and women and have the appearance of casual business attire with all the comfort of your favorite pair of gym pants. Best of all, they do not wrinkle when you’re cramped into a coach seat for six hours.

For men, khaki pants hold up pretty well under pressure, but be sure to carry a wrinkle release product to smooth things over after you touch down. Women have more options in this area as the many colors and patterns of leggings offer endless possibilities. A pair of quality leggings under a nice (but not too tight) dress is appropriate enough for meeting with clients and comfortable enough not restrict your breathing and circulation in the car or on the flight. Ladies can also pull of harem pants, which look trendy but are made of loose and breathable materials.

Essential Accessories

Any veteran traveler will tell you not to leave home without a pillow. Whether on a flight, car ride or in a hotel, you’ll be thankful you brought it. When choosing a travel pillow, consider how you sleep at home. If you have a memory foam pillow at home, there’s a travel pillow to accommodate you. If you lay on your side, there’s a travel pillow that wraps around your neck and leans down your torso for optimal comfort. If you are accustomed to other kinds of comfort, there’s likely a travel version of it readily available.

Luggage Additions

One of the most frustrating aspects of travel for many people is the lack of organization it brings. You pack everything neatly in your suitcase, but as soon as you get to your room it’s like a clothes bomb went off. Luckily, there are packable shelves available that easily fit into your suitcase and take up little room. They can be used for stacking your belongings, and they have different compartments to separate your clean clothes from the dirty ones. If you’re super-savvy, you can pack your clothes into the the shelves and then place it in your suitcase so when you go to unpack, all you have to do is lift the shelving set out and hang it in the closet.

Another ingenious appendage to your luggage is the combination luggage scale and flashlight product, the Travelite Luggage Scale. If you spend ample hours in baggage check lines at the airport, this gadget could prove invaluable. Since most airlines require you to check and pay for luggage weighing more than 50 pounds, the scale lights up when your suitcase has exceeded that weight, giving you the chance to scale down before your charges go up. The flashlight has many applications, such as illuminating dark parking lots and overhead bins. Plus, it makes you look like James Bond.