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What were you doing back in 1994?

I was a precocious college student enjoying the good life and a fast metabolism as I drank milkshakes, listened to Nirvana and watched Seinfeld. Which, aside from the milkshakes and metabolism, sounds strikingly like my current self.

Little did I know during those simple times that a fledgling magazine that is now near and dear to my heart was entering the world.

In 1994, Leisure Group Travel was born out of a vision by a leading magazine publisher to cater to the growing group leader market. Over the past three decades, LGT has established itself as a pivotal voice in the group travel industry and has consistently delivered high-quality, forward-thinking content, written by professional journalists.

And the best is yet to come.

Please join us as we kick off our 30th year beginning with this, the culinary edition. In this issue, LGT pays a visit to the top culinary cities in the South, savors authentic Midwestern Amish dining and embarks on a trip to shimmering Las Vegas to enjoy some of the country’s finest cuisine.

We also sample the sweetest treats in the East and show you where the top wineries, distilleries and breweries can be found in Pennsylvania.

LGT realizes we wouldn’t be here without you, thus, we pay tribute to Group Travel All-Stars from across the country who have made their mark on group tourism. Thank you for all your hard work in helping this industry survive and thrive.

We appreciate that you’re joining us on this ride. We look forward to enlightening and entertaining you for another 30 years.

Happy New Year,

Jason Paha

Chief Editor

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