Leisure Group Travel Magazine

February 2024 - Culinary Issue

Turn the pages of Leisure Group Travel Magazine and discover a world of possibilities for your next group adventure. Because every journey is better when shared.

Leisure Group Travel Magazine

February 2024 - Culinary Issue

Turn the pages of Leisure Group Travel Magazine and discover a world of possibilities for your next group adventure. Because every journey is better when shared.

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2024 Culinary Edition of Leisure Group Travel

In this Issue

For years, culinary tourism has been on an upswing and current data suggests that trend is here to stay.

Recent statistics show the global culinary tourism market has been valued at more than $1 trillion and by 2027, that figure is expected to grow to more than $1.7 trillion. For those of you who love culinary traveling (which is pretty much all of us), this issue of Leisure Group Travel is for you.

In this edition, LGT pays a visit to the South and enjoys its many savory delights (crawfish etouffee, anyone?), embraces Amish-style cooking in the Midwest and explores some of the sweetest dessert shops in the East.

LGT also checks the pulse of the religious travel industry as we interview some of the top faith-based tour operators on the planet and learn why religious tourism is so important. Finally, LGT pays homage to travel industry All-Stars as we spotlight tourism professionals who are setting themselves apart.

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Features & Columns

Discover captivating destinations and immersive experiences tailored for group tour operators in our Features & Columns sections.
Franklin's Barbecue in Austin.

Exploring the Culinary Delights of the South

Dining has never been better in these five southern cities.

Elkhart County-Amish Country In-Home Meal

A Taste of Amish-Style Cooking in the Midwest

The region offers various dining options and tours for groups looking to experience a unique lifestyle and feast on hearty cuisine.

Sweets of the East

How Sweet it is

Experience the signature sweet treats of the east.

PA Dist. Article_Philadelphia Brewing Co. building photo courtesy of Philadelphia Brewing Co.

A Toast to Pennsylvania Distilleries, Breweries and Wineries

PA’s liquid heritage runs deeps, and Pennsylvania distilleries and boozy businesses offer, group tastings, brewery tours and unqiue events.

Religious Tour Co profile_St. Peters Basilica in Rome courtesy of Nick Mancino of Regina Tours

Religious Tour Experts Weigh In as Holy Pilgrimages March On

Despite persistent political conflicts, peopel continue making spiritual pilgramages worldwide according to these top religious tour providers.

Emeril Lagasse’s New Orleans BBQ Shrimp

Las Vegas Has Blossomed into a Foodie Paradise

Celebrity chef restaurants add sizzle to the city’s dining landscape. Famous names like Buddy Valastro, Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay Jass up Vegas’ culinary scene.


Biting Into Basel: Swiss Bliss at its Best

Wedged between Germany and France, this cosmopolitian city in northern Switzerland abounds with traditional restaurants offering classic fare and old world flair.

Wheatland Facade HO_170428_060_J

Looking Back at Pennsylvania’s Presidential Past

Sites in Lancaster and Gettysburg recall chapters in American history, showcasing the presidentcies of James Buchanan, Dwight Eisenhower and Abraham Lincoln.


Where Does the Time Go?

What were you doing back in 1994?


Group Travel All-Stars

From New York to Montana Leisure Group Travel Spotlights the Travel Industry’s leaders who are setting themselves apart.


Eat, Drink and Travel with Collette

Experience the perfect fusion of culture and cuisine with Collette.

Itineraries & Showcases

Explore meticulously crafted itineraries and spotlighted showcases, designed to inspire and guide group tour operators towards unforgettable journeys.
Longwood Main Fountain Garden


Pigeon Forge offers the perfect backdrop for any tour group with more than 90 unique attractions conveniently located in one beautiful eastern Tennessee mountain town.

Oak Lawn Hot Springs Arkansas

Enjoy 24/7 Fun at Oaklawn Hot Springs, Arkansas

Looking for the perfect destination for your group? Come stay, play and get away at Oaklawn Hot Springs!

Pigeon Forge restaurants

Best Dining in Pigeon Forge for Families

Satiate your group and bond over a meal at three family restaruants in Pigeon Forge serving up Southern staples.

Courtesy of Boyertown Historic Auto Musesum


An unforgettable journey through Pennsylvania’s Americana region, where history, culture, and natural beauty converge to create a captivating experience.

Angelo's in Atlantic City

3 Atlantic City Restaurants Perfect for Groups

Indulge in AC’s culinary scene with cultural cuisine, boozy brunches and chill nightlife fit for group dining and special occasions.


3 Myrtle Beach Venues with Fun, Flavor and Sophistication

These Myrtle Beach venues are serving up unique palate-pleasers, live entertainment and memorable ambiances.


Explore all that Lincoln, Nebraska has to Offer

Many unique spots in Lincoln, Nebraska make this capital city a must-visit full of allure with attractions perfect for a midwest vacation.


Experience a Slice of Life in Baton Rouge

Enjoy a wide variety of fabulous food in this exciting Louisiana city.

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Why Culinary Experiences Matter for Group Travel

In the evolving landscape of group travel, culinary experiences have emerged as a pivotal element of the journey, transcending mere dining to become central to the cultural exploration and bonding moments that define group excursions. Recognizing this shift, Leisure Group Travel is proud to present a special edition dedicated to the burgeoning realm of culinary tourism, aimed at group travel planners seeking to enrich their itineraries with unforgettable taste experiences.

Culinary tourism offers a unique lens through which travelers can connect with the essence of their destinations. It’s not just about savoring exotic dishes; it’s about immersive experiences that weave together the history, culture, and social fabric of locales through their food. This edition delves into why integrating culinary experiences into group travel is not just a trend but a necessity for creating meaningful, engaging, and memorable journeys.

We explore the growing desire among travelers to participate in authentic, local food-related activities – from farm visits and cooking classes to food festivals and street food tours. These experiences provide opportunities for group travelers to bond over shared meals, discover new flavors, and gain insights into the local way of life, making their trip more enriching and enjoyable.

Moreover, this focus on culinary tourism responds to the increasing demand for sustainable and responsible travel options. Culinary experiences often promote local produce, traditional cooking methods, and support for local communities, aligning with the values of modern travelers who seek to travel with purpose and impact.