Tips to Help You Stay Smoke-Free on Vacation

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Smoking is still a common vice. The Tobacco Atlas found that around 1.1 billion people worldwide regularly smoke tobacco. Despite the popularity of smoking, many countries have worked to ban smoking in public areas and on most modes of public transport. Enforcing strict policies on smoking is attributed to a number of reasons, but most of them stem from health and safety concerns. After all, smoking is the leading cause of preventable chronic illness and death.

These smoking restrictions can present a challenge for smokers when traveling, as it may be difficult to satisfy their cigarette cravings and dependencies on the go. Fortunately, there are a few ways to help you cope with being smoke-free while traveling so you can still enjoy your vacation:

Note and avoid any triggers

Being aware of what makes you want to smoke greatly helps as you can curb the desire before it can overwhelm you. These triggers can be social, such as being around people who smoke and, therefore, encourage you to do the same. Alternatively, other triggers are emotional, with stress, anxiety, sadness, or boredom prompting you to smoke as a coping mechanism. Since traveling can be stressful and expose you to different groups of people, it’s good to be mindful of your smoking triggers. This could mean avoiding places like the famed tabac stores in France or the staple cigar bars in Cuba. By doing so, you can stay in control and successfully occupy yourself with other things besides smoking.

Research local smoking policies

Doing smoking-related research before traveling to another country is important since it helps you get an idea of the cultural norms to be mindful of. For smokers, knowing local smoking regulations and ordinances can help you avoid any issues down the line. For instance, countries like Japan are known to be more cigarette-tolerant, so it’s relatively easier to find safe places to smoke. Meanwhile, other countries like Sweden have a total ban on indoor and outdoor public smoking, and going against this can cost you a fine. As such, it’s important to stay on track and figure out how to abide by your host destination’s smoking conventions.

Pack convenient alternatives

Around 96 countries have implemented national smoke-free legislation, with most countries in Europe, Asia, and South America banning smoking in public spaces. Consequently, it’s good to have convenient alternatives to satisfy your cravings while traveling. Today, this commonly includes smoke- and tobacco-free options. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products, such as nicotine pouches, are very popular for those looking to quit and cut down. ZYN’s range of nicotine pouches on Prilla are all designed with Americans in mind, especially those who do not like the taste of tobacco, making them ideal to take abroad on vacation. These discreet alternatives are easy to carry and dispose of, and they come in a variety of flavors and strengths to suit individual preferences. Since they only need to be parked inside the cheek without causing any excess spit, they’re also convenient to use during different activities. Another NRT that you can try if you’re someone who smokes because of an oral fixation are Commit lozenges. These can be taken once every hour to curb any cigarette cravings while also keeping your mouth busy. Similar to nicotine pouches, nicotine lozenges are discreet and reduce some of the concerns associated with smoking.

Build new habits with cessation apps

It’s been proven that behavioral support interventions are some of the most effective cessation solutions. However, these are traditionally tricky to access while on vacation. This is where cessation apps come in. Designed for remote use, these apps can help users build new coping habits to replace smoking. One such application is the free quitSTART app that can help jumpstart your habit of becoming smoke-free. The app provides you with tailored tips and inspiration to help remind you of your goals no matter where you are. Alternatively, the QuitGuide app has similar functions but also offers a journal entry feature to help track your moods and add personal notes throughout your smoke-free journey. These apps can be accessed easily on your smartphone, so it’s easy to set reminders and track your progress, even whether you’re on a beach in Thailand or at a wildlife reserve in South Africa.

Addressing the urge to smoke while traveling can be challenging. But with the proper research and planning, traveling smoke-free can be achieved without the added stress.




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