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Analyze Your Market

As group travel planners, so often we come across a trip that sounds interesting and we assume our usual tour members will find it interesting also. We commit to a departure date and then embark on a marketing/sales plan – only to be disappointed at the turnout.

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How to Attract the Boomer Market

Much has been written and even more spoken about the “generations,” their impact on travel and how we should sell to each group. Purposely, we’re skipping generations X, Y and Z in this column but will address each of their unique issues in the future.

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Finding Tomorrow’s Group Travelers

Many hours have been spent pontificating on the baby boomer effect on travel, in particular the group travel sector. I’m not going down that path here, I’ll leave that up to Dave Bodle in his column at the back of the book. But a lot of us seem to be at a crossroads in our business, and everyone’s waiting for the next big thing.

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