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Analyze Your Market

As group travel planners, so often we come across a trip that sounds interesting and we assume our usual tour members will find it interesting also. We commit to a departure date and then embark on a marketing/sales plan – only to be disappointed at the turnout.

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How to Attract the Boomer Market

Much has been written and even more spoken about the “generations,” their impact on travel and how we should sell to each group. Purposely, we’re skipping generations X, Y and Z in this column but will address each of their unique issues in the future.

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Finding Tomorrow’s Group Travelers

Many hours have been spent pontificating on the baby boomer effect on travel, in particular the group travel sector. I’m not going down that path here, I’ll leave that up to Dave Bodle in his column at the back of the book. But a lot of us seem to be at a crossroads in our business, and everyone’s waiting for the next big thing.

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  • How To Start A Travel Agency From Home
    Are you a seasoned traveler looking for a challenge? Does your office job keep you from pursuing a life of adventure away from the dreary city? Why not combine your passion for travel with your day job by starting your own home-based travel agency and benefit from the deals and specials that are only available […]
  • Back To Cruising Webinar with Costa Cruises
  • Menorca Artisans Keep Traditional Craftsmanship Alive
    The farming, footwear, fashion and handicraft industries tap into the resources and inspiration offered by the little Spanish island. In the west Mediterranean Sea, the Balearic Islands’ Menorca makes the most of its natural resources. And for being only about 30 miles long and 10 miles wide, it has a lot!  This haven of coves […]
  • Holland America Line’s Year-Long Anniversary Celebration
    Rather than wait until its 150th anniversary in 2023, Holland America Line decided to do kick off a year of special celebrations. A special transatlantic crossing of the Rotterdam departed on October 15 from Rotterdam, Netherlands. She arrived in New York City on October 26. Why this special sailing? The journey replicates Holland America’s very […]
  • 4 Self-Care Destinations to Reset Your Body and Mind
    Though self-care can be practiced nearly anywhere and incorporated into each day, sometimes what you really need is to get away from home and explore a new city or state. This is especially true if you’re feeling overly stressed, anxious, and burned out or experiencing other negative emotions such as resentfulness, sadness, or emptiness. Travel […]