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Getting to Know Birmingham

It may surprise that Birmingham was not founded until 1871 during the post-Civil War Reconstruction period. Named for a major industrial city in England, Birmingham rapidly grew as a railroad transportation center with a concentration on the iron and steel industry. The city’s rapid rise earned it the nicknames “Magic City” and “Pittsburgh of the South.”

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Culinary Tourism: Exploring the Meanings of Food

Food offers a window on the world and a mirror on ourselves. I’ve always loved exploring with food. Trying new tastes and ingredients. Learning about the history of a dish and the history of a culture through an ingredient. Meeting the people who grow and prepare food I’m eating.

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How to Attract the Boomer Market

Much has been written and even more spoken about the “generations,” their impact on travel and how we should sell to each group. Purposely, we’re skipping generations X, Y and Z in this column but will address each of their unique issues in the future.

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Colorado Gold

Soar through the fiery red and yellow treetops on a zip line, lift off in a hot air balloon, ride the rails or take a leisurely scenic drive. Whatever the activity threshold, touring Colorado in September and October promises to be a vacation to remember.

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