Perhaps you’d love to develop a travel program to exciting world destinations, but you don’t have a clue how and where to start. Why not consider starting to build a clientele by offering a series of interesting one- and two-day local trips to surrounding destinations or events.

Almost anyone can afford and justify running away with you for a day or two if given enough reasons to do so.

Here are a few thoughts on how short trips can build your clientele:

  • Many people may need CHEERING UP. Perhaps they have the blues or are sad due to recent family problems, financial setbacks, illness or other things that we all deal with as life goes on. A short trip could be just the medicine they need.
  • Most one- or two-day adventures can be within the present FINANCIAL POSSIBILITIES of many folks. They don’t have to go into hock or justify spending a lot of money on themselves.
  • Many would-be travelers need SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO – perhaps at a particularly difficult period in their life.
  • Some folks may need to be able to JUSTIFY SPENDING MONEY on themselves.
  • Many folks may be accustomed to making a yearly trip but may not be able to BE AWAY for a more lengthy trip this year – particularly due to family illness or financial problems. A short one- or two-day ttrip gives them a break and justification.
  • Simply knowing that this short getaway gift to oneself is just around the corner can be a tremendous lift and CHANGE OF PACE.
  • The thought of the fun of a getaway to wherever gives one SOMETHING POSITIVE on their social calendar, important perhaps to those who’ve been tied down close to home lately.
  • Travelers who in the past may have justified the expense of one longer trip can perhaps now enroll in SEVERAL TRIPS during the year if you offer some short and reasonably priced getaways, paced throughout the year.
  • A not-too-far-away trip might be an occasion when one could INVITE A FRIEND or family member to join them, thus building your clientele for future trips as well.
  • Knowing that there’s a trip in one’s future gives one something positive to PLAN FOR – an upbeat happening in their life.

Planning Out Short Trips

So now if you know the “why” of offering short, nearby trips, it’s time to put on your thinking cap and jot down a list of possible adventures you might undertake. Your first thought might be a place or event close to you such as a night at the theater if you have “live” theater not too far away. You might make it a matinee followed by a late afternoon tea party or even an early dinner – all included in your package.

You might contact a department store or shopping mall to see if they ever put on fashion shows or would like to do one especially for you and your group. Many women love them even if they know in their heart that they might never buy the clothes being shown. You might couple this with a make-up demonstration. The ladies might enjoy such a day, particularly if they’ve been tied down at home or at work lately and not had the opportunity to think about themselves.

A family excursion to the nearest beach (or pool or lake) might be just the thing to include both parents and kids of all ages (a place with good lifeguard presence, please). End the day with s’mores and songs around a campfire for young and old alike.

Depending on where you live in the country, what’s available within a reasonable distance and what you think might appeal to your potential clientele all will determine where you start.

by Marty Sarbey de Souto