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Marty Sarbey de Souto

All too often we may hear from well-meaning folks that shopping on tour is a waste of time – that the men don’t like standing around waiting while the women dilly dally in the shops, that shopping is superficial, that folks can shop at home – no need to come on tour to shop, and so forth. I beg to differ. Most folks love to shop while on tour, within reason, of course.

Why do they enjoy shopping? First of all, they enjoy bringing things home for themselves – things that remind them of the trip or the specific place where they bought it. Second, they like to shop for others – for friends and family for future birthdays, holidays, wedding presents, showers and the like. Third, they know that bringing something home to others shows thoughtfulness, friendship and affection. Fourth, the things you bring home from other places are often something you could never get at home, whether at the mall, your favorite big box store or your hometown elegant gift shop.