jeff gayduk

Jeff Gayduk

I don’t know about you, but time passes too quickly in my world. Maybe it’s our super-busy office, maybe it’s my super-busy home life (three kids and an over-stimulated Rhodesian Ridgeback will do that to you!), but it seems like just yesterday we were welcoming 2011, and here we are closing the books on this year.

December’s the time to reflect on our achievements of the past year and set the table for what’s next. I don’t know how your business was in ’11, but if you’re like most, it was fair to middling. What can you take away from this year that will help you grow in 2012? What successful tours are you able to duplicate? What new sales or marketing strategies did you put in place that netted measurable results? Any new operational efficiencies help you run smoother trips? Take stock of these wins so they become a habit.