With everything from the exhilarating to the relaxing, Nebraska is the perfect destination. Our zoos, performing arts and sporting events deliver gasps and thrills. Our majestic prairies and charming accommodations offer moments that set the mind at ease. So read a few of our itineraries, venture into Nebraska and discover anything from the amazing to the sublime.

Tour Itineraries

Discover What They Explored

Follow the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, but with a bit more pampering. Pick from antique shopping, delicious homemade fare or wine tasting as you follow the Lewis and Clark trail.

High Plains and Majestic Cranes

Enjoy half a million Sandhill Cranes, exceptional restaurants and art galleries and the cosmopolitan centers of Lincoln and Omaha as you tour through eastern and central Nebraska.

Lakes and Prairies of Southwestern Nebraska

An Old West revue, American Indian earth lodge, bed and breakfasts, historical battlegrounds and cemeteries, homemade dishes and desserts and a working cattle ranch are some of the delights you’ll explore while you tour southwestern Nebraska.

Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow

O Pioneers!

Explore historical and cultural museums, outdoor recreation, shopping, fine dining and

world-class wineries throughout southeastern Nebraska. Discover why many pioneers considered this area of the Great Plains the Promised Land

Silent Serenity of the Sandhills

Experience the largest grass-stabilized sand dunes in the western hemisphere, expansive cattle ranches, the nation’s largest hand-planted forest, pioneer and Native American history and the Sandhill Crane migration along what Charles Kuralt once called “one of America’s 10 most beautiful highways.”

From Cosmopolitan to Cowboys

Begin in Omaha with a dinner and a Broadway show. Finish up in Ogallala with a mouthwatering steak dinner and an Old West cowboy performance at Front Street. Enjoy everything in between as you follow the Great Platte River Road.

Journey Across Western Nebraska

With its wide-open, windswept high plains in the south; green, rolling Sandhills in the center; and rugged buttes and bluffs in the north, western Nebraska will delight and inspire you.

Northern Exposure

From the urban centers of Lincoln and Omaha to the small-town charm and down-home hospitality of northeast Nebraska, this tour winds through some of this region’s best tourist possibilities.

Westward Ho!

Follow the footsteps of the pioneers as you go on your own journey across this great state. From the wide-open prairies of southeastern Nebraska to the steeply rugged terrain of western Nebraska, Whether you’re looking for a river cruise, an escorted tour or a trip with lots of independence built in, all of our family members—Globus, Cosmos, Monograms and Avalon Waterways—are there to offer value, superior customer service and insider knowledge that comes from decades of organizing vacations around the globe. this is a journey that will leave you amazed and content.

Theme and Specialty Tours

Farmers Market Haymarket

Farmers’ Market Historic Haymarket


Help out with chores around the farm or ranch, learn about life on a modern farm, or take an agriculture tour and relive the olden days when Nebraska was first being settled.

Bird and Wildlife Watching

Crane watching on the hike bike bridge at Ft Kearney State Park

Crane watching on the hike bike bridge at Ft Kearney State Park

The Sandhill Crane migration each spring is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in North America. And that’s just one of countless opportunities that make Nebraska a bird and wildlife-watching paradise.

Holiday Celebrations

Spend the season exploring the sights, sounds and tastes of our state as you enjoy the wintry holidays in Nebraska.

Native America

Powwows, earth lodges, art galleries, museums and businesses across Nebraska bring the state’s rich and colorful Native American history to life.

Nebraska One-of-a-Kinds

Explore the wacky, wild and wonderful things that make our state truly one of a kind.

Old Market

Old Market


Shopping opportunities abound in Nebraska; historic downtown districts, high-end boutiques, jewelry stores and cozy local shops that make a bargain hunter’s eye pop.

Wineries and Tasting Rooms

Nebraska’s reputation as a wine producer has grown over the years to include many award-winning wines. So “cork hop” around the state and enjoy our exceptional wineries, tasting rooms and vineyards.

Arts and Culture

Award-winning Broadway shows, small-town community theaters, world-class museums and unique galleries bring life to the thriving art communities of Nebraska.


With nearly 200 public courses covering our sprawling landscapes, you’re never far from golf here in Nebraska.

Mystery-Tour Ideas

Nebraska is chock-full of exciting and fun-filled mystery-tour ideas that will exceed your expectations.

Nature-Based Businesses

Nebraska’s gift shops, galleries and retail stores offer countless locally made products and souvenirs, works of art, food products and organic clothing.

Old West/Pioneers

The Old West has new life in Nebraska. Even in our largest cities, you’ll find the Western culture and pioneer spirit that continue to influence the state’s way of life.

Sandhill Crane Annual Spring Migration

For six weeks between late February and early April, one of the greatest wildlife spectacles in North America occurs when more than 500,000 Sandhill Cranes descend onto central Nebraska’s Platte River Valley.

Water Recreation

With more than 2,500 lakes, miles of scenic rivers and the 55-square-mile Lake McConaughy, Nebraska is a dream come true for fun on the water and under the sun.