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We hope you enjoy the Iowa Tour Guide, and know that iTIP is committed to creating an authentic and comprehensive group tour experience.

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2022 Edition


Charming main streets, sophisticated cities and gorgeous open-air prairies distinguish the Hawkeye State as a terrific option for group tours. Whether your group wants to savor an art gallery, embark on an agritourism adventure or discover centuries of engaging history, our state has activities that will appeal to you. Created in conjunction with the Iowa Travel Industry Partners (iTIP), this guide offers numerous ideas for tour planners tasked with preparing an unforgettable Midwestern itinerary. This is a resource you won’t want to skip!

What better way to remember your motorcoach adventure than with a group photograph to bring your happy memories back to friends and family? One of America’s crossroads, Iowa features roadside attractions and enormous sculptures that are unmistakably Iowa and make for terrific group photo opportunities. From Mississippi River views atop the Fenelon Place elevator to the enormous ice cream sculpture in Le Mars, “Quirky Roadside Attractions” showcases unique subjects for your scrapbook. Iowa has also been immortalized in famous films like Field of Dreams and The Music Man, and its delicious restaurants have been profiled in Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Learn about how you can step into the silver screen in “Iowa’s Pop Culture,” shows your group how to step into the canvas at the American Gothic House or walk through the bridges of Madison County.

 In “Iowa Soft Excursions,” read about the botanical gardens, river cruises and birding trails that will appeal to groups that want to experience the great outdoors without a rigorous workout or the need to walk on challenging terrain. These attractions spotlight Iowa’s natural beauty, so whether your group enjoys beautiful flowers of waterside views, there is a soft excursion for you. Finally, in “History Comes to Life,” learn about the pioneer homes, Victorian mansions and heritage sites that populate the state and the immersive experiences that will transport your group back to the 19th century.

We hope you enjoy the 2022 Iowa Tour Guide, and know that iTIP is committed to creating an authentic and comprehensive group tour experience.



  • Quirky Roadside Attractions – Wayside wonder await your group at these Instagram-worthy destinations
  • Iowa Pop Culture – Historic homes, television-featured eateries and film locales for the star-struck traveler
  • Iowa Soft Excursions – From unforgettable boat trips to gorgeous garden tours and birding trails, Iowa’s finest awaits you for the next adventure
  • Iowa’s History Comes to Life – Centennial celebrations and ethnic heritage allow for the visitor to become part of Iowa’s history
  • Iowa New in ’22 – Consider these three new Iowa destinations when planning your Hawkeye State adventure

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