Marketing columnist Dave Bodle gives tour planners some hints on trade show preparation and follow-up, plus tips on producing a results-oriented email newsletter that will turn subscribers into prospects and customers.

Correcting trade show shortcomings and a few tips for better newsletters are on my agenda. We all have grumpy and happy sides. Let’s see how mine play out with today’s subjects.

Trade-Show Preparation

It never ceases to amaze me how poorly some buyers and sellers prepare for trade shows. How can you come unprepared to talk? Profiles are in your trade show packet. It’s quite likely you may have requested the appointment. Did you take a few minutes to research online?

Granted, the majority of my appointments were with group sales personnel. However, regardless of your job title, 85 percent of you did not come prepared.

The good news is you have a year to get ready! At your next trade show do some homework. Study the profiles. Seeing an appointment with a journalist, get prepared. Involve your public relations/marketing people. Have them prepare a list of suggested story ideas. Make certain a business card for the correct contact is included in the package…

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