The bus travel industry celebrates the Pennsylvania Bus Association and its 100 years of public transportation

In a time when self-driving cars are becoming a thing, the Pennsylvania Bus Association (PBA) is celebrating 100 years of exceptional service in 2023. PBA continues to provide travelers and employees with unique opportunities and a sense of community.

In 1923, the inception of the Pennsylvania Bus Association gave business and governmental representation to private Pennsylvania bus companies servicing the state. The non-profit organization extended its services to motorcoach drivers, travel suppliers and businesses maintaining the bus industry.

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What does the Pennsylvania Bus Association do?

Pennsylvania Bus Association proudly serves over 750 entities through its membership program, which ultimately promotes group travel by bus to unique locales. Experiencing tours via motorcoach allows groups memorable adventures taking in the scenery along the way.

The cornerstones of Pennsylvania Bus Association for its associates have always been advocacy, assistance in governmental aspects, marketing, education, safety and communication. To accomplish this, PBA hosts annual events which promote safety and education while advocating for networking and social interaction with others throughout the industry. There events are all about meeting new friends and making connections while broadening the motorcoach circle.

“Pennsylvania Bus creates a real sense of community within our industry,” says John Henry, Vice President of Business Operations. “The information and networking PBA provides has helped further our company for generations.”

Pennsylvania Bus Association proudly serves over 750 entities through its membership program, which ultimately promotes group travel by bus to unique locales.

Pennsylvania Bus Association Membership and Community

Pennsylvania Bus Association’s membership brings together motorcoach travel and tourism professionals while creating jobs nationwide. They foster a sense of community and advocate for environmental sustainability. Being a member of one of the longest consecutively running bus companies in the country provides many different advantages, including giving insight to tour operators and drivers with a chance to experience new attractions and popular group travel destinations that they can promote to their passengers.

Pennsylvania Bus Association’s Annual Meeting is an anticipated yearly event providing industry-wide educational initiatives and business networking opportunities to those in the industry. It’s a great way to make new business friends and connections for up-to-date tourism information.

Then there’s the Motorcoach Safety & Preparedness Workshop, which gives bus operators and industry workers a chance to learn about safety-related topics while promoting a symbiotic relationship between the enforcement community and bus employees.

“Running a motorcoach and tour company these days is certainly no easy feat,” says Sandy Borowsky, PBA board member and Vice President of Tours and Marketing at Starr Tours. “That’s why Pennsylvania Bus Association is so important to us. Having an organization like PBA that provides support, information and a connection to all our industry friends is critical to our success.”

On Saturday, June 10, 2023, join the festivities for Pennsylvania Bus Association’s 100th Anniversary Family Day at the Museum of Bus Transportation (MOBT) located in Hershey during their annual Spring Fling. Pennsylvania Bus Association members can enjoy the day’s activities plus museum exhibitions for free. Non-members are invited to the fun Spring Fling Saturday activities for a nominal fee of $10. A separate museum admission fee of $9.50 is also required for non-members to peruse their exhibits.

Museum of Bus Transportation in Pennsylvania

MOBT features vintage vehicles and bus memorabilia steeped in transportation history. Celebrate 100 years of PBA’s devotion to public transportation with a Saturday filled with a Bus Display of all registered competitors. Next, the “Best in Show” judging commences followed by a ceremony to honor the volunteers, major donors and bus historical groups that made the event possible.

Take the shuttle over to MOBT and view the expansive exhibits showcasing the history of motorcoach travel. After a catered lunch for purchase, the “Best in Show” judging ends and the winners will be announced. Afterward, cheer on the parade of “Best in Show” winners and a Wrap-Up of the day.

Participants who wish to can register their rig as a candidate. They can fill out the appropriate form at and click on the Mail-In Registration button towards the bottom.

To become a Pennsylvania Bus Association member, visit and scroll through their options.

For more information about Pennsylvania Bus Association’s upcoming 100th Anniversary Celebration at MOBT, go to and and start planning today.

By Heather Dale