Traveling in groups can be one of the most incredible experiences of your life, bonding with your companions and building memories that can last a lifetime. However, they can also be a complete nightmare and will require a lot more planning than traveling alone or in pairs. Bad planning can lead to group tension and stress, but there are a number of easy ways to make sure that your group travel experience goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re preparing for a holiday with a group of friends or a collection of family members, then here are the best ways to ensure that your travel goes as smoothly as possible, no matter how many people you’re traveling with.

Designate a group leader

Playing to the strengths of your group dynamic is a great way to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. It’s a good idea to either allocate the main organization to one person, so that at least there’s someone in your group who is aware of what needs doing and when. This doesn’t mean that everyone needs to sit back and relax while your leader does all of the hard work! Instead, delegate, and make sure that discussions and ideas are regular occurrences. If one person is in charge of accommodation and another is tasked with researching day trips, everyone will feel useful and productive without stepping on any toes. Having one leader as the ultimate decision maker will go a long way to minimizing tensions.

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Prepare for the worst

If you expect perfection, then you’re only going to be disappointed. Rather than think everything is going to go smoothly, make sure you prepare for the worst. This means having copies of your passports and booking numbers, and calling your accommodation and double checking before you fly out. You may also want to prepare for any flight delays, as these can be tedious and uncomfortable. Of course, if your flights are delayed for more than three hours, you and your group can see if you are entitled to any compensation.

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Split up when you want

Going away as a group doesn’t mean that you are joined at the hip. Trying to satisfy the needs of a large group isn’t just difficult, it can very often be impossible, which is why it shouldn’t be a drama if some members of your party split off to enjoy the cultural sights while others prefer to lounge on the beach. Not only does this give you the chance to take a break from each other, but it also gives you something to talk about when it comes to reuniting over your evening meals!

While it may be stressful to plan something as difficult as a group trip, it can also be very rewarding. Get your plans organized and be prepared to allow for a little flexibility once you’ve arrived, and you’ll end up having inside jokes and memories that you’ll talk about for years.