Traveling with a large group is always great fun and a good way to explore a new area. In order to keep things fresh and interesting, it is important to find a range of activities that you can all do together. This will strengthen bonds, provide entertainment and ensure that the group gets along as a whole. In turn, this makes exploring a new area much more valuable and memorable. The activities to try will depend on where you are exploring, but here are a few ideas that will provide enough entertainment for all and unite the group of travelers.


Food helps to bring people together, plus it is also one of the best ways to see the heart and soul of a new destination. With this in mind, be sure to organize a large group meal where you can sample authentic cuisine and enjoy one another’s company. 


In a similar vein, it is a good idea to have the group cook together one night if staying in an AirBnB type accommodation. This encourages them to work together to provide for one another and it will end in a rewarding cooked dinner for the whole group.

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Night Out

If you are traveling somewhere where there is nightlife to enjoy, this can be a brilliant way for a group of travelers who do not know each other to break the ice. People relax more after a few drinks and they will (hopefully) create some happy memories whether it is chatting around a table or dancing until the early hours.


Golf with a large group can be great fun and help people to bond through entertainment and a healthy dose of competition. Additionally, in many places it can be a superb way to show off the natural beauty of the area as many courses are set within gorgeous landscapes. 


If you are discovering somewhere out in nature, going on a hike is a must. In addition to being the best way to get out and explore your natural surroundings, hikes are an effective way to bring people together as they will need to support each other and keep each other’s spirits high during challenging parts of the hike.


As the group leader, it is always wise to have a number of fun games to play for downtime. A few examples induce I Spy, Who am I, 21 Questions, The Alphabet Game and Hang Man. It is also a good idea to have a deck of cards handy at all times so that the group can play all kinds of fun card games to pass the time.

Group travel is a great way to explore a new area, but it is important to have a range of activities available to the group and particularly if it is a group of strangers traveling together. The above are all fun and engaging ways to unite a group whilst exploring a new area and should allow for a fun and valuable trip.