There’s nothing quite like a visit to the theatre. It’s an exciting, fun, educational and often historical event to witness, and it’s one of the oldest cultural artforms still running today. From the Ancient Greeks to William Shakespeare, the power of the theater is timeless.
It’s also incredibly popular. During the 2016/2017 Broadway season, the gross revenue was $1.45billion. Touring shows, one-off events and stand-up comedy generate huge interest and audiences, and it shows no sign of slowing down.
However, so many shows selling out quickly and with ticket prices higher than ever, it can be off-putting for some theatergoers who are want to attend shows but don’t want to pay full price for the privilege. With many groups adding flexibility in their schedule, customers now have more options than ever. So if you’re letting your passengers loose to enjoy a night at the theatre, there are four ways to get superb deals on theatre tickets:

Go Direct to the Venue

Sometimes theatergoers get so caught up in looking for deals from street kiosks and the internet that they forget to go straight to the source: the venue itself. You might be lucky and the venue might be offering reduced tickets that have been returned, or they could have special offers and group deals that they only promote via their in-house box office.

Turn up at the Door

Similar to above, but with one small difference. You have to be brave and turn up on the night, and the closer to the start time, the better. The reason for this is simple. If the show hasn’t sold out yet, you could be in with a chance of getting a bargain seat, even if it is in the furthest away point, and with some restrictions. If it’s a last minute thing and you’re not dying to be in the front seats, why not save yourself some cash and still get to see the show?

Previews and Matinees

The weekend evening shows are always the toughest ones to get tickets for, and with good reason. These are, after all, the prime-time shows. However, if you want to save money and don’t care for big crowds and potential celebrity sightings, you could purchase tickets for preview and matinee performances.
The previews are designed to help the director, cast and crew feel their way through the material before the show becomes available to critics and the wider public. The latter are performances that take place around lunchtime or the early afternoon, and the only real difference is the strange feeling of walking out, and it’s still light outside. Whichever option you chose, use a reputable website like to find the best deals and purchase tickets from them.

Use Twitter Hashtags and Search

The beauty of Twitter and other forms of social media is that they are immediate and constantly refresh themselves, meaning that you could find amazing deals on theater tickets simply by using the search tool. With the vast number of accounts offering deals, Twitter is the social media site that is likely to yield the best, and easiest to follow, results.
Simply type in the name of the show and a variation of ‘tickets for sale’ or ‘tickets available’ and see what comes up. Click on ‘Latest’ to get the most up to date Tweets, and keep those fingers crossed. You never know, you could save anything from 10-50% on the ticket price, especially if people are desperate to get rid of the tickets for whatever reason. Just make sure that you meet the person face-to-face and don’t pay for anything until you have seen the tickets.