When you are organizing group travel, it is important to prepare for all health-related issues. Here is how to keep your group healthy during winter vacation.

Whether you already have a trip planned for the upcoming chilly months or are looking to book a travel group in the near future, a key aspect of the trip will be group health. There are safety concerns to keep in mind as you plan your itineraries. Here are some ideas for how to keep your group healthy during a winter vacation.

Preventative Care Before Traveling

During the winter months, colds, flus, and other illnesses are common. It is important to prepare for illness incidents before you leave with a little preventative care before traveling. This means locating hospitals or health clinics at each stop during your trip and having a local contact to provide more information in the event of an emergency. As the group leader, you need to be educated in lifesaving first aid care for things such as cuts and bruises, breathing issues, and weather-related reactions, such as hypothermia and frostbite. Also, be sure to reach out to your group members and ensure that they are equipped, aware, and prepared for any health-related issues that could arise during the trip.

Daily Health on Tour

Day to day, a great way to keep your group healthy is with safe and pro-health choices. For example, ensure that everyone knows to pack warm and dry clothing, and they wear the appropriate amount of coverage each day—particularly when it is wet or frigid. Also, keep tabs on how everyone is doing and encourage people to eat warm and filling meals to make it through each day. It is a common issue with group travel that every person is at a different level of physical fitness and function. Meeting the needs of everyone can be difficult; however, during winter months, it is especially important to keep an eye out for anyone who is tiring quickly or is unable to keep up. Plan alternate activities or frequent rests for such people so they are not left behind and have an enjoyable trip.

Illness Attention

In the event that someone gets sick or needs medical attention, follow the plans you have set in place. Regardless of the health problem at hand, your emergency medical center and local contact can help you navigate a stressful situation. For example, long exposure to freezing temperatures can cause hypothermia. Learn how to recognize and provide quick treatment for hypothermia so your traveler can make it to an emergency health provider. Additionally, anyone who contracts a cold or the flu during your stay will need to be monitored. See that you have either a family member, friend, or other trusted person to watch over the sick person while they heal.

These tips for how to keep your group healthy during a winter vacation only help insofar as you make emergency plans in advance and equip yourself with the right knowledge. Be sure to be prepare now so that your group travel is full of fun and health! Subscribe to Leisure Group Travel for more helpful tips and advice.