Known for offering guests the pleasures of enjoying spacious, elegant mid-sized ships, premium cruise line Holland America Line has actually been in business for 140 years. Today their 15 ship fleet visits all seven continents, but they’re also well known when it comes to Alaskan cruising and cruise tours. Holland America Line recently announced they’re acquiring the McKinley Chalets Hotel, located in Alaska’s Denali Park and in addition, has rebranded their tours, launching them as Land + Sea Journeys.

Acquisition of the McKinley Chalets Hotel in Denali National Park, Alaska

Holland America Line’s acquisition of the McKinley Chalets Hotel within Denali Park from Aramark is a natural fit, because Holland America Line also has other hotels in Whitehouse, Skagway and Fairbanks. The 345 room McKinley Chalets Hotel will be undergoing renovations over the next few years, ranging from extensive room updates and upgrades to hotel décor as well as on the soft goods side. Holland America Line also owns 26 acres adjacent to the chalets. These include 135 additional guest rooms that have also been operated as part of the McKinley Chalets by Aramark, the diverse hospitality services company that operates several other facilities and lodges in several of the national parks.

Launch of Land + Sea Journeys

In a rebranding of their popular land and cruise tours, Holland America Line has launched the new Land + Sea Journeys. For the upcoming 2014 Alaska season, which goes from May through September, 12 different Land + Sea Journeys will be available. Double and triple night stays in Denali are now some of new options. And as the only cruise line that offers the Yukon, Holland America Line will now have Yukon + Triple Denali Journeys as well as the Yukon + Double Denali Journeys. These include 3, 4 and 7 night Alaskan cruises combined with variety of overnights in Denali, Yukon, Dawson, and Whitehorse, depending on the Land + Sea Journey selected.

Some other updates as far as Alaska

Holland America Line first launched rail tours in 1987 on board their McKinley Explorer full-domed luxury rail cars, with service between Anchorage, Denali National Park and Fairbanks. And in 2007, they introduced their luxury Alaska themed motorcoaches, called Explorer Coaches, providing a new level of unparalleled comfort and space. A new update as far as the McKinley Explorer train was also recently announced. It’s now being fitted with its own engine and will no longer have to rely on being pulled by the Alaska railroad. As a result, the McKinley Explorer will arrive into Anchorage by 5 pm instead of 9 pm, giving guests more time to enjoy.

In 2014, the Ms Oosterdam will be sailing one way Alaskan cruises, and with two thirds of the staterooms onboard being verandahs, guests will be able to reserve one (a verandah) on these scenic voyages. In the past guests had to reserve a land tour with their cruise if doing a one way Alaskan sailing in order to book a verandah stateroom, due to more limited availability.

More about Holland America Line’s Onboard Experiences

The Culinary Arts Center presented by Food & Wine Magazine, a state-of-the-art onboard show kitchen where cooking demonstrations and classes are provided by more than 60 celebrated guest chefs and experts is just one of the many experiences guests onboard Holland America Line can enjoy. Another is Explorations Café, powered by The New York Times, where complimentary digital classes are offered. Another way your group can really embrace the spirit of regions they’re sailing to while onboard is Holland America Line’s “On Location.” These include regionally inspired cooking classes and local entertainment as well as artisan workshops – enjoying tai chi classes while sailing through Asia, steel drum lessons while sailing in the Caribbean, or learning how to prepare the perfect salmon while in Alaska are just a few. And their “Dancing with the Stars: At Sea” program has been extremely popular.

With more of the mid-size ship experience, your group can enjoy the diverse restaurants and activities, along with a bit of a more refined and elegant touch. And with the new Land + Sea Journeys, considering Holland America Line might be a good option for your group to explore in 2014.