Waiting until the last minute to pack is typical for most travelers. But by recognizing the most common things people forget to pack when going on vacation, you can double-check that itinerary and guarantee you’re ready for your getaway.


Picking the right wardrobe for your trip requires intense focus. Trying to match your pants with your shirt selection is your main objective. This predicament leads many to forget about what they need underneath. Make sure to add underwear, undershirts, and socks when making your checklist of items you need in your luggage.


For those going to a tropical destination, forgetting a nice pair of sandals or boat shoes is a frequent mistake. You’ll likely want to wear comfortable tennis shoes for the airport and walking around, but no one likes sand in their sneakers.

Eyecare Essentials

Eye care products like glasses, sunglasses, contacts, and contact solution are easy to forget. Remember, just because it’s dark when you go to the airport doesn’t mean those sunglasses stay behind. Also, having your contacts in too long will dry your eyes out so much that the discomfort will overshadow any potential fun on the horizon.

Climate-Appropriate Clothing

Even a short trip can lead to a drastic change in the climate. If you’re heading south, leave your bulky cold wardrobe back home, making more room available in your luggage. On the other hand, don’t fill your suitcase full of shorts if you’re going on a ski trip.


Caring for your skin is important for everyday life—not just for vacations. The sun will dry your skin out, so moisturizer and appropriate sunblock will give you the protection you need.


No one likes when it rains on their parade, but having the proper rain gear will make the best of a bad situation. Grab an umbrella and poncho as a preventative measure to keep you dry in any weather.


Sometimes, you are so excited to bolt out the door that you forget the things that allow you to function. Having to figure out alternatives for your medication will impact your vacation before it starts, so put those meds at the top of your list. Also, don’t forget a generic pain reliever.


After a long day of eating and drinking, brushing your teeth creates a sense of freshness, so make sure you don’t forget the dental essentials when packing.


Arguably, the most common items people leave behind are various chargers. Whether it’s your phone, computer, or game charger, forgetting one is easy to do.

Avoiding the common things people forget to pack when going on vacation will allow you to enjoy a beautiful experience. You can always check out a local market to pick up any items you do forget, but chances are good you would rather make the most of the time you have.