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Wisconsin, a state surrounded by two great lakes, a mighty river and 15,000 lakes in between. As your guests tour around the state, you’ll find world-class museums, amazing architecture, and beautiful scenery from rolling rural vistas to urban surprises. Entertainment is everywhere—Broadway to regional theatre, inside and out. Farm to table? We’ve got that! Breweries? Plenty of those including some of the oldest and best. Craft distilleries and wineries growing and plentiful in the state. Looking for gaming? Wisconsin has some of the best Native American casinos in the nation. But also take some time to explore the Native American Culture from a buffalo overlook to the logging industry and more.

Exploring the waterways of the state is easy with various cruises on pontoons, sightseeing boats, paddlewheelers and the original WWII amphibious “DUCK” rides.

Circle Wisconsin is proud to present our new 2016 Tour Planner that highlights the best in group destinations, attractions, gaming and lodging around the five regions of the state. The planner is designed to tell the stories of the state and what your groups can expect to see, learn and do. This year’s main features include Lighthouses & Waterways, Arts and Architecture and Celebrating the Holidays. The sample itineraries are also a great starting point to explore all that Wisconsin has to offer your group of travelers.

Because membership has grown this past year, there’s even more to tell you about. Browse through the membership listing to learn about the many wonderful sites and places to visit on your next tour to Wisconsin. Be sure to use this planner to find that perfect group-friendly boutique, branded property or resort for your travelers to enjoy as their home away from home.

We’ll see you on the bus!

Wendy Dobrzynski, Executive Director & Eileen Arnold, President, Circle Wisconsin Board

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