Circle Wisconsin Tour Planner

2024 Edition

Craft an unforgettable Upper Midwest group adventure with helpful attraction spotlights, itineraries and listings.

Circle Wisconsin Tour Planner

2024 Edition

Craft an unforgettable Upper Midwest group adventure with helpful attraction spotlights, itineraries and listings.

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Embark on an unforgettable journey through Wisconsin with our newly released planner. This guide showcases a diverse range of must-see destinations and attractions, perfect for your next group tour. Imagine yourself exploring Wisconsin’s stunning landscapes, savoring local culinary delights, and immersing in vibrant cultural festivals. Experience the warmth of local hospitality and create lasting memories.

Our planner highlights the best of Wisconsin, from classic favorites to hidden gems. It caters to various interests, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a history aficionado. Revel in the state’s natural beauty through our recommended outdoor activities, and be awestruck by its pristine landscapes, whether on land or water.

Delve into Wisconsin’s communities and discover its rich history, fascinating attractions, and lively culture. Each location tells a unique story, enriching your travel experience. And don’t miss our state’s museums, a testament to Wisconsin’s significance and America’s spirit. They offer a deep dive into knowledge and creativity.

Don’t wait! Start planning your Wisconsin group tour today for an extraordinary adventure. Our planner is your key to a journey filled with exploration, discovery, and unforgettable experiences.


Wisconsin Maritime Museum

10 Top On-the-Water Outings in Wisconsin

Boat tours, ferry crossings and maritime museums enhance Wisconsin itineraries. Sightseeing cruises on lakes and rivers lead the list of aquatic adventures.

Paine Art Center for online 20221215_145341

9 Top Wintertime Activities in Wisconsin

Group tour leaders appreciate that Wisconsin is a year-round destination. Options range from Christmas festivities to eagle watching and theatrical production.

Cran harvest2

Agritourism Spotlights Foods and Farms in Wisconsin

Tap into Wisconsin’s rural roots and its cornucopia of tasty products at creameries, orchards, farmers’ markets and wineries. It’s about cheese and much more.

Dancing Horses 20220706_134301

Showtime in Wisconsin: That’s Entertainment!

Stages and arenas present crowd-pleasing options, from Broadway musicals to displays of equestrian artistry. Brand new is the Legacy Theater in Wisconsin Dells.

Milwaukee skyline

Go With the Best Travel Pros in Wisconsin

Wisconsin tour/bus operators work with tour organizers to deliver the best travel experiences. They can provide the right vehicle and customize an itinerary.



Wisconsin's Heartland

This three-day itinerary offers a mix of cultural experiences, wildlife exploration and local cuisine, providing a well-rounded adventure in the Wisconsin Heartland.
Chippewa Falls Color 1

Northwoods & Lake Superior

Escape to Wisconsin’s Northwoods and Lake Superior for a 3-day adventure. Immerse in nature, explore scenic landscapes and discover hidden gems along the shores.

Japanese Garden at Rotary Botanical Gardens, Janesville

South Central Crossroads

Explore historic cars, pioneer craftsmanship and horticultural splendor in 3days. Visit quirky wonders, iconic buildings and a museum devoted to a beloved condiment.
La Crosse and the scenic Mississippi River Valley

Mississippi River Valley & Beyond

Uncover the charm of Mississippi River Valley in Wisconsin on this 3-day itinerary. From Baraboo’s circus history to Stoughton’s Norwegian roots.

Wade House Inn, Greenbush. (Randy Mink Photo)

Eastern Wisconsin #1

Embark on a four-day adventure in Eastern Wisconsin! Discover charming towns, historic sites and scenic landscapes.
Yerkes Observatory IMG_9974

Eastern Wisconsin #2

Explore Eastern Wisconsin with this travel itinerary. Find charming towns, historic sites and scenic beauty in Wisconsin while creating lasting memories.
Kohler Art Center IMG_1013

Eastern Wisconsin #3

Discover the charm of Eastern Wisconsin with a 3-day travel itinerary. Immerse in rich history, explore picturesque landscapes, and savor the essence of this captivating region.

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