Moving from your apartment building is one of the most challenging things out there, especially if you’re going to relocate to another apartment building. You need to move your stuff stress-free, without damaging your antiques, and in the most cost-effective manner possible. Your best bet would be to get professional apartment movers to handle the relocation for you, but before you get to that stage, you need to do some preparations and packing.

Going with the flow is never the most efficient way to do stuff. Unless you plan your move, you won’t be able to get things on time. The only way to cut time while doing something is by planning it in advance. Moving from your apartment building can be one of the most stressful things, especially if you’re moving long-distance, i.e. moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco, but if you play your cards right, plan ahead, pack up your stuff more efficiently, and follow through with the general tips in this regard, shared in this article, you should be fine.

We have listed out some of our most important tips for apartment moving, based on our years of experience in moving stuff from apartments, also some more information you can check on this website:

#1) Start With The Items Used Least

When you start packing, prioritize the stuff that you don’t use that often, but do need occasionally. For instance, all the things stored away in the attic should go into the packing boxes before you go on and pack other things. The same goes for the stuff in the garage, and things like your movie collection, books, art, and so on.

This way, you’ll have access to the things you need while packing.

#2) Optimize The Way You Store Your Packed Boxes

If you followed through with the first tip, you probably have your least-used items all packed up. Now, make a clearing, perhaps in the garage, and keep your boxes there, in an organized fashion. When you load the truck, the least-used items will be the first ones to go inside, followed by items of increased importance. This way, when you get to your new place, you’ll be able to unload the important stuff first and get those things in your new rooms quickly.

In short, you should sort your boxes such that the most important items remain accessible.

#3) Use Color-Coded Labels

People are more perceptive of colors than they are for labels, plus, labels can be vague, and thus cause confusion. Of course, you should label your boxes, it is not optional, but wouldn’t it be best if you could color code them too? Use the same color to mark every room in your new place, and use colored tags to sort your boxes.

This way, you’ll avoid trouble while unpacking.

#4) Create A Packing List

Packing lists are essential for every move as they not only make the whole process a lot easier but also let you decide if you want to keep certain items or not. Once you’ve offloaded your stuff at your new place, you won’t have to rifle through the boxes, one after the other, to get the things you need the most. Labeled boxes and corresponding entries on a packing spreadsheet list can help you identify the boxes you need to open first.

This will speed up the entire process rather drastically.

#5) Label The Packed Boxes

At this point, this much goes without saying. You should ideally use colored labels to get two things done with a single effort. Also, make it a point to add labels to both the shorter and wider side of the box so that the mover can easily find your labels.

This will make the moving process simpler and let you unpack easily afterward.

#6) Get Rid Of Things You Don’t Need

Decluttering your house is another important thing to do. The lower the volume of things to move, the easier it will be to relocate. You’ll find several items that you have in your place but have no need for. You can donate some of this stuff, or sell it online, or put up a good old yard sale.