From booking to packing, itinerary planning to payments and more, these nine travel apps are essential to any traveler’s toolkit

As technology constantly evolves, so does our toolkit for dealing with the challenging demands of traveling. Thousands of apps are released through the App Store and Google Play every day. It might seem impossible to narrow down which apps are useful tools for your needs, as well as budget friendly. That’s where we come in! Below you will find a list of nine travel apps we recommend for all travelers.

9 Must-Have Travel Apps

WhatsApp allows you to send messages and make video calls to friends, family or colleagues without using cellular data. Say goodbye to data and roaming fees from your mobile phone carrier when trying to communicate with anyone outside your coverage area. As long as you are connected to Wi-Fi, WhatsApp is completely free!

TripIt is considered one of the best travel apps for itineraries. Allow TripIt access to your email and it will locate confirmation emails for flights, hotels and restaurant reservations. If you prefer to keep your email private, manually enter your entire travel itinerary so you can access all info in one place, rather than jumping from one app to the next throughout your vacation.

Flighty tracks flights and sends alerts for late or canceled flights, poor weather and airport traffic. The app live streams all airline flights and allows you to share the live status with friends, family or anyone picking you up from the airport. Flighty can be easily synced with TripIt allowing you to view both past and future flights.

PackPoint can aid in reducing anxiety over potentially forgetting to pack essential items by creating a packing list for you. Simply enter your travel itinerary and the app will create a packing list based on your destination, activities, weather and length of travel. This must-have travel app has a premium option that allows you to save time by logging in with TripIt and syncing your travel details automatically.

Apple or Google Wallet is incredibly important to have downloaded and set up prior to traveling. Securely store all your debit and credit cards, event tickets, boarding passes and gift cards so that you have access to them anywhere, anytime.

AllTrails filters hiking options based on location, length, rating, and difficulty level while also recording your pace, distance and elevation. All trail maps can be downloaded so you can access them offline. Turn on ‘wrong turn alerts’ so you can focus on your surroundings rather than the map on your phone screen.

Google Translate is a helpful app for international travel. With the ability to translate over 133 languages, you’ll never have to worry about communication barriers. Point your camera at text to translate, then save those words and phrases for future reference on your travels.

Hotel Tonight finds last-minute hotel openings at a discounted rate. This must-have travel app books a same-day hotel reservation for last minute travelers, only offering vetted hotel rooms that are sure to make for a comfortable stay.

Uber takes the stress out of finding transportation in a new or foreign location. Simply enter your pickup location and destination to order a driver. Uber operates worldwide. With all transactions taking place within the app there is no need to carry the local currency or speak the same language as your driver. They will have all the information they need through the app.

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No matter the destination you choose, these travel apps are useful tools to set you up for success. Start downloading and planning your next trip today!

By Debbie Taylor

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