6 of the Best Winter Group Vacations in the U.S.

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From warm beaches to snowy mountains, there are many fun spots to visit during the coldest season. These winter destinations are perfect for everyone.

There’s plenty to look forward to this winter. No group has to miss out on spectacular sights and experiences just because the weather gets cold. Whether it’s somewhere warm or filled with snow, these are the best winter group vacations in the U.S. for seasonal adventures.

Sun Valley

Home of the country’s first ski resort, Sun Valley, Idaho, is a charming mining town filled with cozy shops and eateries. On the surrounding mountains, your group will find plenty of trails for skiers of all experience levels.

Key West

Key West is a dream destination for those who love warm weather. Though it’s busiest during the winter, the influx of tourists only amplifies the party life—and the warm temperatures and sandy beaches definitely make it worth the crowds.

Rocky Mountains

From hiking and skiing to exploring cute western towns, the Rockies are perfect for anyone seeking a mountain vacation this winter. Visitors can also take a break from the chill at one of the amazing natural hot springs throughout the mountain range.

New Orleans

Mardi Gras is, of course, the biggest draw of this Louisiana city. To avoid the crowds, book a trip earlier in the year. The French Quarter is just as fun and jazzy (and far less hectic) in January and early February.


Yellowstone National Park is famous for its natural landmarks and wildlife, and winter makes it even more marvelous. When most of the roads close for the season, snowmobile tours and cross-country skiing become the primary ways to explore all the park’s wonders. The snowy months allow a glimpse into what the park was like before tourism making this one of the best winter group vacations in the U.S.


There’s plenty to do in Anchorage for anyone hoping to enjoy the colder months. Visitors can see the start of the annual Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race in March or take dog sled tours themselves. The city also serves as the first stop on the Aurora Winter Train—which is a fun way to take in more of Alaska’s picturesque winter landscapes.

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