While traveling might often feel like a good excuse to get away from your phone, there are several times when it could prove to be invaluable. It might not be that you were thinking about leaving it at home throughout your adventures – as it will always be useful in an emergency – but it’s still worth turning your attention to several ways in which it can actively aid your trip.

While you still might want the focus of your holiday to be away from the screen, using it selectively can result in an even better trip than would otherwise be possible – even if it’s just there as a backup option.

1. A Remedy for Boredom

As much as you always think your holidays will be filled to the brim with exciting activities, you’ll always come face to face with the dreaded concept of boredom sooner or later. This might be half an hour where you don’t have anything to do, a long flight that you didn’t prepare for, or an afternoon where plans failed to come together. These are natural, and don’t have to detract from the holiday in any meaningful way, but coming prepared can at least help even these moments to provide you with entertainment.

Your phone is all you need. Streaming services to watch movies and TV is an option. Maybe you’d prefer to play some mobile games, or visit the best Aussie online casino – something that can fall in line with the indulgence of the holiday, enjoying a hand of blackjack in a scenic locale. Perhaps you just want to research what you’ll do next on your trip, something that can be a point of its own.

2. The Lay of the Land

Exploring is exciting. It can feel as though you don’t often have the opportunity to embark somewhere unfamiliar and get a sense of what the place is like just through exploring yourself. This is your prime opportunity to do that, and another reason why you might want to put your phone on the backburner. However, if you’re hoping to see all of the sights of wherever you’ve ended up, your phone can help you to keep some destinations in mind, or even just pinpoint specific routes to get there. It might be that you don’t even want to resort to this first of all, keeping it in your back pocket just in case you get lost – something that can provide you with a lot more confidence.

3. In Case of Emergency

That idea of keeping your phone with you wherever you go is an important one when you’re somewhere unfamiliar, as you never know when you’re going to need it. It’s tempting to just be as far removed from your phone as possible, but you can go long stretches of time without looking for it and still have it on you for when you need it. As mentioned before, this is something that can simply provide you with a great deal of confidence in your excursions, but should the unexpected actually come to pass, modern mobile technology can make it easy to find the appropriate help.