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by | Jan 14, 2019

Our goal is to make planning group trips easy.We do this through a variety of vehicles like magazines, newsletters, custom travel guides and a series of websites, all under the Premier Travel Media brand.

For over 10 years, one of our most popular resources was Group Travel Directory. This year-end publication had extensive state-by-state lists of travel suppliers who were friendly to groups. While this was a cherished product, as times changed, the directory diminished in size and value. Recognizing this, early in 2018 we pivoted our directory product for a new type of guide that placed a strong emphasis on better content, better images and better stories. Enter Group Travel Destinations, a better product for you.


We’ve reorganized the entire guide by hyper-local regions, so you can hone in on resources you need. Along those lines, we’ve partnered with state tourism offices to identify new and noteworthy tourism developments across the U.S., so each regional intro section is full of “new” stuff. Region-by-region, state-by-state, you’re in the know when you’re plotting new itineraries.

Most noticeably, we’ve taken out the old phonebook-type style of listings. In their place, we’ve written unique descriptions for each of our partners, and included images and their contact information so you can get down to business.

Finally, we’ve introduced Site InSpections to provide deep dives into specific brands and destinations, giving you the inside scoop on what your travelers will experience while there.

Change is never easy, but it’s a necessary evil of growth. I’m proud of our team and what we’ve created with the new Group Travel Destinations. I hope you enjoy this resource and use it throughout the year.

Good news, we’re already looking at ways to make this product more useful.

Happy traveling,
Jeff Gayduk, Publisher

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