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Soaring in Popularity: 8 Premium Birding Destinations

With eyes to the skies, birding enthusiasts are in ecstasy upon spotting sought-after species.

Boyd Gaming Rolled out the Red Carpet for Spotlight on the Southwest

Approximately 80 delegates from around the country converged in Las Vegas, Nevada to take part in the 18th annual Spotlight on the Southwest Tourism Conference April 23-25.

Best Bets for Your Next Casino Group

Bountiful dining options, diverse entertainment, the chance to strike it rich – all ingredients for an electrifying escape from the everyday. Include one of these gaming hotspots in the itinerary and you’re bound to have happy campers.

6 National Parks Worth a Closer Look

It all began with our nation’s first national park, Yellowstone. Now other popular parks, including the Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains and Yosemite, have been front and center in 2016, the National Park Service Centennial.

Wisconsin’s Horicon Marsh

The nation’s largest cattail marsh is a haven for an ever-changing symphony and ballet of migrating birds.

Discover the World

If I had just one word to describe the travel industry we live and work in today, it would be Global.

What to Expect from a Tour Guide

Have we really thought through what makes for a good guide – what we expect of a guide?

Get Perked Up About Off-Peak Travel

You can only take groups to ski resorts when there is snow or the beach when it’s, right? Wrong! For savvy group travel planners, hitting the slopes in 80-degree weather or watching ocean waves crash to shore when there is light snow is something to get excited about. Why? Because suppliers roll out the red carpet for groups who travel “off-peak.”

7 Ways Your Smartphone is an Ideal Travel Partner

Your smartphone is always with you at home. But what about when you hit the road or hop on a plane? There are a lot of reasons to take your phone with you.

Here are seven reasons why your smartphone can be your trusty ally on a trip, near or far.

Can the 800-Pound Gorilla Save Us?

On stage in a packed hotel ballroom in 1998, two prognosticators debate the influence of the baby boomer generation as either A) Savior for the group travel industry or B) Extra-terrestrial invasion that will destroy us all. Nearly 20 years later, is the 800-pound gorilla a savior or space invader?

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Oshkosh Museum Plans Ghostly Tours

Oshkosh Public Museum plans Night Whispers tours just in time for Halloween.

Best Cities to Celebrate Oktoberfest

WalletHub takes a close look at 2016’s Best Cities to Celebrate Oktoberfest.

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