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A Guide to Group-Friendly Theaters

Whether your group is in the mood to see a Broadway show, be wined and dined or take a behind-the-scenes tour, these theaters have something for everyone.

A Guide to Historic Sites

The options below are perfect for group itineraries and will be sure to satisfy any history buff.

American Cowboy Culture is Alive and Kickin’

Museums, ranches and rodeos capture the spirit of the Old West

Philadelphia Lessons in Liberty

Whether it’s a school group, adults needing the story refreshed or international visitors curious about the roots of our democracy, a visit to Philadelphia is essential

Museum of the American Revolution

This new Philadelphia tourist magnet tells the story of our nation’s founding

Four Ways to Get the Best Deals for Theater Shows

There’s nothing quite like a visit to the theatre. It’s an exciting, fun, educational and often historical event to witness, and it’s one of the oldest cultural artforms still running today. From the Ancient Greeks to William Shakespeare, the power of the theater is timeless.

Tour Guide Best Practices

I had the privilege of speaking to a group of docents-in-training – some...

How to Make a Group Tour Unforgettable

Organizing a group tour can be an exciting experience. This is especially true if you thoroughly enjoy socializing, meeting new people, and work in the tourism or service industry.

Simple Tips for Making Your Next Trip an Unforgettable One

For some group leaders, planning a new trip is almost as exciting as...

5 Things Not to Forget When Traveling Out of the Country

It’s often a rush to prepare for your trip and things may slip your mind until the last moment, making it very easy to leave them behind. Here are five things not to forget when you travel abroad.

Take 5 Interviews

Jennifer Puga: Itinerary Artist

Jennifer Puga parlayed her experience as a wedding planner to launch her home-based travel agency specializing in group travel. Learn how she’s mastering the art of group cruises in this edition of Take 5.

Kelly Cooke: Hand-Crafting Tours

Tour director turned tour operator Kelly Cooke saw an opportunity in an...