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Top 5 Texas Amusement Park Picks for 2016

There is no shortage of fun for your group in the Lone Star State. The second largest state in the country provides ample opportunities for your group to have the time of their lives.

Fresh Discoveries Await Groups in Manhattan

New York City continues to reach new tourism heights as strong visitor numbers, a spike in hotel inventory and a constant flow of new attractions cement its position as a travel magnet. The changing face of the city is being promoted as the “new New York.”

6 of the Best Theme Park Experiences in Florida

Central Florida is home to some of the best theme parks in the world and there is always something new to discover.

10 Great Midwestern Waterparks to Get Your Wet On

Looking for a way for your group to cool off in the summer heat? These waterparks are the perfect way to beat the heat and have fun while doing it.

16 Must Visit U.S. Aquariums in 2016

Millions flock to these magical places for an up-close and personal look at ecosystems that feel so far away—oceans, rivers and other bodies of water with slippery creatures of all kinds, many of them quite exotic.

Your Trips Should Reflect Your Personal Touch

So what can you do as a tour operator to fulfill this unspoken but necessary role? Do not assume that once they enrolled on your trip and submitted their deposit, they are yours – that they don’t need your ongoing attention, your recognition, your rah-rah to keep them excited.

The Legacy We Leave

My dad was a huge car guy. From the day I could walk he would provide running narrative of the autos on display, like how you could tell the difference between the front grills on the 1950 Packards and other assorted minutia about these classics. My dad was a living breathing Wikipedia of all things classic auto.

The Evolution and Revolution In Touring

History is full of businesses that did not adapt their products, marketing, and distribution. Know your customers and constantly challenge your definitions of what is cool and hip with your products, and you will avoid becoming the Blockbuster Video of the tour industry.

How to Make More Money Finding, Selling & Managing Groups

Join this St. Patrick’s Day Webinar and Learn How to Make More Green & Gold in the Group Sales Game

Convenient, Cozy and Stylish Items for Frequent Travelers

if you rack up frequent flyer miles on the regular and spend more time in car rental offices than at a desk, here are a few tips and tools to help you look and feel your best while on the go.

Industry News

Crime Museum to Open in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Alcatraz East, a new crime museum, will open this fall in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

New Giant Pandas in Shanghai Zoo

Two giant pandas – Xing Er and Ya Er – recently arrived at their new home in Shanghai Zoo.