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2018 Guide to Scenic Rail

Ever since the 1800s, railroads have played a significant role in transporting everything from supplies to livestock to travelers.

Midwest Marketplace Celebrates Successful 5th Year

Hosted by Circle Wisconsin, the annual trade show brought rave reviews

NTA’s Travel Exchange Heads to Milwaukee

Annual event is slated for November 4-8, 2018

Ohio Arts Districts

Pedestrian-friendly and populated with welcoming artists, these neighborhoods are ideal for groups passionate about the arts

Ohio Halls of Fame

These museums honor legends in aviation, sports and music

Happy 100th Birthday, Collette!

Longevity in the travel business doesn’t come easy. Many of the best-known brands are subject to economic downturns, corporate buyouts or changing consumer interests.

Know What You’re Buying

It’s important that when you decide to offer an itinerary for a group trip that you know specifically what’s in it and, conversely, what’s NOT in it, and that you understand the specifics of tour operations in that particular destination.

Fun Activities During Group Adventure Travel

Traveling with a large group is always great fun and a good way to explore a...

How to Plan a Flawless Group Trip

Traveling in groups can be one of the most incredible experiences of your life, bonding with your companions and building memories that can last a lifetime

Four Ways to Get the Best Deals for Theater Shows

There’s nothing quite like a visit to the theatre. It’s an exciting, fun, educational and often historical event to witness, and it’s one of the oldest cultural artforms still running today. From the Ancient Greeks to William Shakespeare, the power of the theater is timeless.

Take 5 Interviews

Catherine Swan: Out of this Galaxy

This boutique tour operator is known for its customer service and personalized tour planning. Learn Catherine’s story in this edition of Take 5.

Jennifer Puga: Itinerary Artist

Jennifer Puga parlayed her experience as a wedding planner to launch her home-based travel agency specializing in group travel. Learn how she’s mastering the art of group cruises in this edition of Take 5.