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22 of the Best Sightseeing Cruises in the U.S. for 2016

These 22 sightseeing cruises around the country allow groups to get closer to nature, learn about historic cities and relax on beautiful bodies of water.

Nick Mancino’s Spirited Journey

Veteran religious tour operator Nick Mancino celebrates 47 years serving faith-based groups. Learn his secret to a long career and trends he sees in the religious market in this edition of Take 5.

Celebrating Everything Martin Luther

Travelers from around the globe are flocking to Germany as the 500th anniversary of the Reformation approaches

9 Great Midwest Urban River Walks

Riverside promenades overflow with possibilities for urban tour itineraries

The Best 19 Hot Springs in Western Colorado

Thermal springs flow abundantly throughout the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Five premier hot springs destinations in the western part of the state—Chaffee County, Pagosa Springs, Ouray County, Glenwood Springs and Steamboat Springs—have come together to form the Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop, offering 19 unique facilities.

7 Ways Your Smartphone is an Ideal Travel Partner

Your smartphone is always with you at home. But what about when you hit the road or hop on a plane? There are a lot of reasons to take your phone with you.

Here are seven reasons why your smartphone can be your trusty ally on a trip, near or far.

Can the 800-Pound Gorilla Save Us?

On stage in a packed hotel ballroom in 1998, two prognosticators debate the influence of the baby boomer generation as either A) Savior for the group travel industry or B) Extra-terrestrial invasion that will destroy us all. Nearly 20 years later, is the 800-pound gorilla a savior or space invader?

Your 12-Step Plan for Evaluating Tour Operators

Whether you board a few of your travelers on to their group tour or have the operator custom-design a trip for your private clientele, do you really check out the operator? If not, you should

How to Fulfill Your Passion and Purpose with Group Travel

What is your passion? For some people, answering this question is easy. Yet for others, it can be difficult.

Your Trips Should Reflect Your Personal Touch

So what can you do as a tour operator to fulfill this unspoken but necessary role? Do not assume that once they enrolled on your trip and submitted their deposit, they are yours – that they don’t need your ongoing attention, your recognition, your rah-rah to keep them excited.

Industry News

Collette Cares Announces Million Meals Initiative

Collette Cares has announced the launch of the 1 Million Meals Campaign

Rochester Museum Expands Group Tour Program

The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, N.Y. has announced the expansion of its domestic and international group tour and foreign independent traveler programs.

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