If you’ve spent some months traveling, then you’ve likely got many stories and tales to tell your friends and family, and they’ll be able to hear of your adventures. When you come back from traveling, it’s a good idea to have an evening to gather where you cook for your loved ones and catch up on their lives as well as telling them all about what you got up to while traveling and seeing new places.

Traveling is the only thing you pay for that makes you richer but can also be very expensive. Cooking for your loved ones means that you can give them something special without the need for spending money when you get back.

You’ll Want to Discuss Future Plans

When you come back from traveling, your mind is going to be full of new ideas for the future. After all, for some, traveling is about finding themselves. Very simply, traveling greatly enriches your life, and you’ll find that you’re more interested in people, their faith and their culture. When you’re traveling, you’re sampling new flavors every day, some that you love and some that, well, you might have to learn to love. Therefore, when you return, you’ll not only want to show and tell everything you’ve experienced, but you’ll also want to talk about any future trips you can take with them.

Show Off Your Skills

What better way to show off the skills you might have learned abroad by cooking? If you’ve taken part in a cooking class while away, then now’s your chance to try them out on some willing and hungry guinea pigs. Think about cooking a new recipe, and one that you had while away, but then also making something familiar to please the crowd. Sort out what you’re going to make and assemble the ingredients ahead of time. If you’re going to make a curry with a spin, then use you’ll need ingredients including cumin, turmeric, coriander and onions. However, not all of us a natural cooks, so if you need some help, you can opt for a tasty dessert that’s ready to bake in just a few steps like a gluten free cake mix.

Let Them Taste the Flavors Of the World

When you’re traveling, make a real effort to remember the ingredients in your favorite dishes and select the spices and herbs from which to buy and take home. Recreate the meals you had while traveling and make your friends and family the same ones. Collect these recipes and ingredients and store them in a safe place for future reference. You’ll be hugely grateful for them when you’re back home and desire something to take you back to enjoying your time away.


A meal is a simple way of bringing people together, and won’t have seen these people for a while so you’ll be eager to talk to them and catch up with anything and everything that has happened since your departure. Get back in touch with your friends and enjoy having them at your home for an amazing meal.