Did you know that most people don’t use all the vacation days they are entitled to while 64% admit to working during vacation break? Unfortunately, this is a common trend in the US, and it is something that can have detrimental effects on health and wellbeing over a longer period of time. Giving your mind and body time to rest is a key step towards feeling refreshed and finding balance in your lifestyle so it might be time to switch off and actually take those deserved vacation days for a well-rested and stress-free holiday. There are many reasons why taking a vacation is good for you, take a look at some of the top ways they can help both body and mind.

Vacations Reduce Stress

It’s no surprise that when you go on vacation, you feel less stressed and more at peace than you would usually in your day-to-day life. vacations reduce stressNot only does a break help to relax you and take your mind off the hustle of work and life commitments, but it can also help to alleviate some symptoms that come along with work and life-related stress. It can reduce common ailments such as headaches, tension, backache and general muscle ache plus it is also said that these benefits last when you return home from your getaway and can give you a refreshed outlook on your homecoming.

How Vacations Can Improve Productivity

The new buzzword at the moment is ‘busy,’ but this term doesn’t, in fact, mean we’re productive. You may feel that you don’t have enough hours in the day and you can’t take a vacation because you are too busy, but in reality, people that take more frequent breaks are likely to be more productive than those that don’t. Being busy and stressed doesn’t equate to working harder, as your mind and body can’t work to full capacity if it is not allowed some time to rest and recuperate. In our perpetual rush to be more productive, we often forget that this does not mean performing at our peak and can also lead to silly mistakes, which in turn is counterproductive.

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You’ll Get Better Sleep

In the modern world, we are leading busier lifestyles, meaning our bodies become more stressed and become prone to ailments such as insomnia or poor sleep. Not taking enough vacation time can lead to worry and anxiety constantly running through your mind and not being able to switch off from the tasks you need to do at work or home. This perpetual tiredness can have detrimental effects on health including the risk of depression and anxiety, as your mind never has a chance to shut off. This added stress could also lead to other more serious health issues such as heart disease as researchers believe that people who skip vacations are more skeptical to heart attacks and heart disease due to increased stresses on your body.